Leatt Knee & Shin Guard 3DF Hybrid EXT

In this video, I talk about these Leatt Knee and Shin Guards. I really love these things and don’t like to ride without them anymore. I got these on Amazon, but you can find them other places as well. They are about $99 USD at the time of this video. They offer great protection for the knees and shins. Keep in mind that these are not knee braces. I will be doing a video of a pair of knee braces soon.



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  • Timely review,
    Problems when you get reviews like this it’s an opinion not expert and imo neither is it smart advice re basics of dirtbiking here is why!

    Ime all riders off road should use correct protection, Gumby’s? Us need it more than most and all here are Gumby’s, maybe of varying experience and skill you are still a freakin Gumby and I am too.

    Secondly, the bikes basically promoted and reviewed here regardless of opinion and brand are very high end and very capable bikes for inexperienced Gumby’s and experienced Gumby’s and even pros. Pros get hurt too and allot more than you think.

    Also you are prepared to pay 10k let’s say for a freakin bike, but you won’t pony up to protect yourself so you can ride said bike as much as possible and prevent injury, seriously, this has never made sense to me, buy a second hand bike and invest in protection and build up to a new bike later, same model of investment if you can only afford a 5k bike.

    So that said, agree good Helmet, if not best protection you can afford I’m not talking brand I just bought a Leatt 4.5 to go with my 5.5 same helmet and level of protection just slightly heavier and still lighter than most carbon models of other brands and imo exlerience better level of protection and function features for these type of bikes, eg XC-W XC genre!

    You should have also, neck brace, I can’t stress this enough, from someone who has broken theyre neck it is insane to me the attitude to neck braces now! Insane you ask to be injured, todays bikes are so much more capable regardless of how you ride they’re is the potential to injure yourself and seriously, I have known people killed at slow speeds who like me are madman at speed and one mistake cost them and they’re families a great guy.

    I can also attest to how these work in a crash post injury, I’m on my 3rd Leatt, never broken one, but have had some severe crashes and walked away with mere dirt, previously in the same situations I would have had atleast a concussion maybe worse it’s hard to determine but each impact ai felt the brace supporting my neck stabilising the helmet and reducing hypertension and hyperflexion the first time it was scary as fck it felt so weird but man when I stood up I was like thank Fck ai had that on.

    Do yourselves a favour invest in one, invest in a helmet that’s comfortable, and fits well to a neck brace, the only too braces I would recommend is Leatt my first and for me only choice, second Atlas. The rest ai won’t even bother looking at. I have done years of research on these devices including helmets 3 years alone while recovering from my neck and head injury, I won’t go into why I won’t choose others as that is a War and Peace saga of epic proportions.

    These lads are minimum imo esspecially for knew people, but for young and mid 30s up ideally everyone invest in knee braces again, a buggered knee will bother you for life, do you love dirtbiking, do you want to ride, well don’t argue do it. I wish this techno,toy was around 30 years ago, yes CT I was around but only pros could afford that shit and still only they can. If your pants don’t fit really that’s your excuse, buy some pants that do fit, pants and jerseys are dam cheap, I wear Leatt braces haha surprise eh, no I don’t work for them, no ai don’t get any kick backs from them I wish, but I do love they’re gear, they’re pants obviously are made to fit they’re braces doh.

    I’d also recommend body armour but that cna be horses for courses I wear mine because they’re is always a douche on a 450 throwing roost, same douche can’t do it on single track but get them on the fire road and that’s when these muppets seem to think they are shit hot all of a sudden, hence my 5.5 chest and back protector I use the upper arm guards and shoulder guards, I have never had a comfort thing issue and can’t understand this apect from people, either you buy online and get incorrect sizing or choosing a cool brand not the right brand. For trail riding again fine without unless a said douche is on usually a 450 ime.

    This is a serious topic and opinions should be left out of it, experiences and like good trail etticate we should always always be promoting safe riding especially on social media.

    Nuff said, make your choices and make sure you take responsibility for them which ever way you go, no one forces you to ride a Dirtbike, injury might force you into retirement or worse! Dirtbiking does not descriminate on skill, the size of you wallet or you Gumby brain, trust me it will be allot smaller after a serious injury on all counts. Be a man and gear up, you are not tough trying to look cool…

    • Paul Montgomery Question are you American? You need to work on your manners, it’s impolite to tell someone what to work on, is this an English class or are we here about bikes.

      2 reasons, Americans love to correct everyone else, you notice non Americans don’t mention grammar or spelling, why, because we realise they’re is a world outside of ours and it’s impolite to correct someone of origin you are unaware of, you don’t know if they speak good English or not, do your speak the Queens language btw!

      2 Have you heard of social media, I use an iPad mostly, I am tech savvy, I have worked in Tech Engineering as a engineering tech and sales for over 20years, yet Facebook and YouTube for some reason auto correct after saving comments even when all predictive and auto spelling options are turned off, but hey you want to turn this into a superior English lesson go ahead, dic.

    • MaverickDH No I’m not American and I find it hard to believe you’re educated. I am a commonwealth subject who believes using the queens English in its proper form is polite.

  • I just wanna add, I am very passionate about this aspect of dirtbiking, “Saftey “ there is allot of misconception mis opinions! Mostly I don’t want others to go through what I have been through, a living hell for ten years, I still ride, I still deal with pain fatigue everyday yet last week I did an 80hr Fkn week at work 80 hrs at nearly 50years old with what I went through, you have options today, use them for gawd sake, if not for you, for your family, your friends if you really care for them, it’s hell for them too maybe even worse, Peace and happy trails, may you keep your tires the right side up Mav out 🤙

  • I used those all the time when I was riding my quad Raptor 700.
    When I bought my first dirt bike I crashed with them on hard pack with little rocks and they did protect my knees but the side protection is not that good, I had pain in the side of the knee for 1 month…then I bought POD K4 knee braces and they’re awesome!

    If you want good (but not best) protection and 100% comfort these are for you! once they’re on – you forget about them.

  • My knees are shot after 40 years of riding . I use cti knee braces they are the best on the market . With out them i would have to stop riding . If yours are uncomfortable they are not fitting properly. Get some cti s . Expensive yes but what price being able too walk and ride.

  • I’m planning on getting a new dirtbike soon and I was wondering if you can help me choose on whether I should get a 2 stroke or 4 stroke. What things should i consider when choosing which is best for what I will be doing. I’ll just be riding a lot of flat ground and learning jumps starting small, and ride around 2 or 3 times a week. Thanks new subscriber looking for help

  • Knee braces right from the start!!! Should be purchased with boots and helmet before bike if on a budget. Tip for undergarment, ladies yoga pants, great at Woking away sweat!! Not kidding lol

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