Mobius X-8 Knee Braces


Here is a review of the Mobius X8 Knee Braces. These are the first and only knee braces that I have used, so take that into consideration.




  • I’ve had mine for 2 years and LOVE them. I wear JT Racing pants and EVS Tug socks. My favorite thing about these is the fact that they are a brace and a guard all in one. And that price is hard to beat.

  • There is different thickness pads for the straps too. Annoying that you have to take off pants to put them on, asterisk uses the same type cable tensioning system and theirs you can unhook the cable and put the braces on without removing pants entirely.

  • I have been looking at knee braces, as an older guy my biggest fear is blowing out my knee. So before I pick up a dedicated enduro bike I am putting my gear together. These braces and the Alpinestars knee braces are on my list.

    • TheBraps don’t you think they’re a little expensive? My father always wore more skateboard style knee pads, and they did the job just fine. And to be honest I’ve never heard of someones knee being hyperextended. I’m a firm believer that you don’t need top of the range, hyper-expensive gear to be safe or have fun. Stuff like this is for factory riders who get it provided for free anyway.

    • TheBraps Ride to your ability and you won’t have any issues. The more gear you put on you the less flexible you become and thus the more prone to crash. Knee guards are a must but cheap MX guards will do the same job just fine and you will enjoy your ride much more.

    • IlroryylI You can indeed hyperextend your knee, especially with a wrong technique. Some people even break their legs. But it’s all a question of staying within your comfort zone if you are a recreational rider, and all will be good.

  • I won’t ride without knee braces any more. I’ve tried a bunch and they are really hard to figure out. Unfortunately you have to really try them on to find out if they fit your leg/knee. I really liked an older pair of EVS braces I had and wore out. But all the new EVS braces I couldn’t wear. Didn’t fit. Had pressure points. I wanted to try these Mobius braces but in Florida I just figured they would be WAY too hot with all that coverage. I currently use the Pod K8 braces and really like them. Light weight and have a lot of open space in the frame to let air circulate. Got good fitment with them and they have held up really well so far.

    A sock or sleeve is a must. And as you pointed out, some pants won’t work with some knee braces. Although, those Mobius ones look bulky enough that you might have more pant fitment issues than with some of the other slimmer designs.

  • My son wears them and loves them.  I have Leatte and love those.  I do think the Mobius protects the knee cap better but I haven’t had an issue with the Leatte either.

    • Craig Grissom yes they are I have them and where them on the outside sometimes. They are a big investment though so if you do wipe out with them on the outside they might get damaged.

  • I’ve got these, definitely go a size that fits/smaller if your right I’m the middle. They fit well with the fly evolution 2.0 pants. I had a hard time with them at first but you get used to them/they break in pretty well.

  • Lots of people tell you about the straps. I want to know how they are to ride in ? Are they useable on trials bikes ? How weak is the wire ? Does it feel good quality?

    • Anthony Morris I like them personally they are super comfortable once they where in they are hardly noticeable. Trials bikes i don’t know never rode one. As far as the wire is concerned it is guaranteed not to break for the life of the brace. As far as quality I have used them on the outside of my paints and wrecked pretty hard they took it a kept going.

  • So what does make it cost $600? It’s only plastic, velcroes and some foam. Don’t see any difference with that Leatt pivoted knee guards for $100, which are also uncomfortable as hell. And if it’s not comfortable, then it’s not safe. Custom made braces could be safer, but looking at this construction I don’t see how it’s safer than MX knee guards for $20. On top of that you won’t be able to grab the tank securely without scratching it to hell.

  • Kyle these braces are designed for perfect fit and they need to be tightened fully but not stopping the circulation – no slack on the straps – otherwise they dont function in the crash event. at the beginning it is hard to find the balance as at the right tension before the ride it feels your leg is strangled a bit. however after 10-15 mins it disappears and your braces are fit properly. i use Fox 360 pants size 34 and never had an issue

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  • I’ve found the different Fly pants work really well with knee braces. And u don’t have to get a bigger size. I rock the pod k4’s and couldn’t imagine riding without them now.

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