Mobius X8 Motocross Wrist Brace


The Mobius X8 Wrist Brace incorporates the CCRS. Mobius’ innovative patent pending technology, which provides maximum support across the wrist joint, allows more mobility and progressively resists hyperextension and minimizing the risk of injury to the ligaments and bones. The innovative CCRS design crosses the wrist joint both longitudinally and transversely. The CCRS tightens and resists hyperextension just like the body’s own ligaments. The tension in the CCRS progressively tightens keeping the wrist joint tight, resisting hyperextension and reinforcing the ligaments inside the wrist. There is virtually no migration with the Mobius Brace. This new brace technology works so much better than conventional braces; you can actually feel the brace working.



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  • I think its great product and ill probably buy one, but what if i got it and im falling on wrist and i cant move my wrist up so im going to brake my fingers??

    • I didn’t feel like that would be a concern wearing this brace. Range of movement felt great. I’ll take a broken finger over a broken wrist though haha!~Chase

    • Rocky Mountain ATV MC okay so take your advice thank you for the quick answer that was awesome. I Googled the number and called Mobius and they were very quick to answer. They couldn’t answer my question though. They could only point me in the direction of the retailer to try the unit on with a gauntlet of my choice. It’s kind of difficult here there’s a long distance to the nearest retailers. If anybody else has the opportunity to try it on I would like to know. I did have a few other questions because I own the Mobius knee braces since they came out and I will not ride without them. They work and they are worth every penny. My question was other than if it fits inside a gauntlet. Does the wrist Flex the other direction. The answer was yes it is free of motion as much as you want and One Direction down or in. But is protected from over flexing back or out. So I asked will it protect against over flexion in wards. As in if I land in my wrist rolls in Will It protect that. And I was told no it only protects me One Direction. The Palms are open and it seems to me I could will nicely fit inside of the gauntlets and work together with the gauntlets. For street racing. Another option I’ve been looking at is snowboarding braces. And I told Mobius I would love to see a gauntlet type wrist brace a full hand juggernaut type glove. It would be cool if it was bulletproof to.

    • I’m glad you were able to get a hold of them and get some questions answered. Remember, we have our fit guarantee. If you order the wrist braces and don’t like the fit with your gloves, you can return them as long as they are unused. Or we will give you free shipping on your first exchange if there i another brace you want to try out. I too own the X8 knee brace and like you, i can’t ride without them. They are awesome and so comfortable. Thanks for the info and happy riding.~Chase

  • It’s a shame that most of these are worn by people who have already suffered a wrist injury. Same thing with knee braces. These are great pieces of protection to hopefully PREVENT. Ouch, but $200 a piece is a little steep.

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