Bell Moto-9 Carbon Flex Motocross Helmet



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  • Beautiful helmet would love to get one.. still very weak from fighting cancer can’t wait to get back on riding again

  • Hasn’t this helmet been around a few years already? I have one and it’s great but I can’t wait to see what their next premium helmet will be.

    • Yep, this was basically the same video they did three years ago for the most part. I just picked one up, I hope to get a few good years out of it and then move on to whatever the next premium offerings are in 2021. Even though this a 3+ year old design it is still one of the best out there. I am coming from a Klim and Arai, I loved how light the Klim was but it was cheap and uncomfortable and I never thought I’d stray from Arai but they are still asking $600+ for 10 year old tech. Maybe if Arai comes out with a new helmet I can consider them the next time I am shopping for a replacement.

  • On my 2nd flex helmet in 2 years lol. I don’t notice the weight myself after checking out other $600 helmets. It’s smaller and lighter than shoei for sure, feels better made and more comfortable than TLDs. Not a fan of Fox helmets. 6d feels different but I’m sure you could get use to it.
    If i didn’t already buy my new flex at the beginning of the year I would have checked out the new Fly helmet, Looks good on paper but haven’t seen it in person yet.

    • Right on. The Flex is a really good helmet. I’ve had several and always enjoy them. The weight isn’t a huge deal, but if you were to put on that new fly and then the Flex, you can notice the difference. I think the Formula helmet looks really good in person. Thanks for watching!-Chase

  • I had the MX 9 and it was the most comfortable helmet Ive had so far.Went to an TLD SE4 and is better in every other way but definitely a step down in comfort.Chase how would you rate the Moto 9 flex or even the regular Moto 9 in comfort compared to the MX 9 ?

  • You know for a fact that I am only advertising Fly helmets on my podcasts. Why would you be promoting other product that are in competition to my sponsors? STUPID!!!!!

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