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A note from Kim regarding the Newsletter:

“When you receive your current issue of the newsletter you may be a little confused. We had a change of plans and had to do some changing up for certain reasons. The inside front cover article matches up with the inside back cover for pictures and the two national events are backwards according to the date of the events. The entire newsletter was going to be in color until we learned the cost of doing such. I hope you enjoy this issue and maybe you won't be too confused in trying to read it." Kim DeLoach



·         Enduro end of year points has been updated (added 2 drop results now also)

·         HS end of year points (FINAL) have been updated

·         ADR results are posted (SERA Only)

·         Monster Mountain HS results are posted.

·         Train Robbers Enduro flier is now posted.

  • The 2012 SERA Hare Scramble season is coming to an end, and with this in mind, I would like to remind everyone about the Hare Scramble scoring system.


    Each rider is scored on his top 70% of the total number of races. This year it looks like we will have 10 races (The PA Allen race is now cancelled) which means your top 7 races will count for year end points. SERA requires 60% participation to qualify for year end awards, which means you will have to have earned class points in 6 races this year. There are several classes that will be decided at the Monster Mountain race, and also there are many riders that need to compete in order to earn eligibility for year end awards. The year end point standings have been updated to reflect the current standings with only your top 7 scores counting. I hope everyone is planning to be at the Monster Mountain race on May 13th to close out the year.  

If you would like to read more about the SERA scoring system, the 2011 – 2012 SERA rule book can be found here.

If you have questions or need to reach me for any reason, my email address is piggd@comcast.net

Dalton Pigg

2012 SERA Hare Scramble Points Steward



·         SERA Banquet August 11, 2012

The SERA Banquet will be held at the Hollywood Casino in Bay St. Louis, MS. 

Hollywood Casino has a toll free Group Reservations Number 1(800) 946-2442. Please identify yourself as a participant of Southern Enduro Riders Assn. (END0811) in order to receive the group rate. These reservations must be received by 7/20/2012.

Updates will appear as time gets closer.


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