Top 5 Suzuki DR650 Mods



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    • Due to simplicity or another reason? I enjoy my DR650 but even with a bunch of comfort mods I don’t think it’s enjoyable at speeds above 65mph. Perfect 55mph back road bike though.

    • mcolman02 yes mostly because of simplicity. Parts are everywhere. And mostly because you can build a outstanding adventure bike for very short money. Which leaves money cash for gas. I would make sure you have stock gearing. The DR should pull highway speeds no problem.

    • I run 16/42 and that made it vibe free up to 60 but fast highways and interstates are miserable, but I felt that way about the bmw f650 I had so my expectations from a big single may be too high.

    • Yeah Its always a trade off i guess.. But for myself.. I’d rather give up some comfort on the slab. And have a much lighter bike when the going gets tuff. I’m the kinda guy who says… I wonder where that dirt road goes?? And then find myself in some gnarly trail…lol… enjoy the ride Man.

  • You should also add side cover guards. The DR has the same type of fragile alloy covers as the DRZ. A few companies make aluminum and steel guards to RTV on. Will prevent a bad day in case of a drop in the rocks. It’s about one of the few things that can kill a DR. 👍 Also a couple places make an oil cooler guard. I’ve seen the oil cooler get mangled a few times. Didn’t kill the bike but the extra protection is worth it. Finally, the wheel bearings and Cush bearings are open sided. I replaced all mine with SKF sealed bearings. Worth doing to prevent an unexpected headache on the road. A nice mod I did to mine is a GPR under mount stabilizer kit. Helps handling in choppy stuff, especially if hauling gear on the back. 😀

  • The Mighty Suzuki DR 650 is (in my humble opinion) the absolute best, true 50 / 50 (ish) Dual Sport on the planet – and it will do anything you ask of it 100% of the time “Happily”…

    Mine is a “W.I.P.” – but to date: Warp 9 Bash Plate, Mitas E-07 tires (as I am about a 50 / 50 split rider) – WAYYYYY better than the stock “Deathwings” Great on road, and a huge improvement off-road, Nelson-Rigg Tail Bag, Ferreus Industries Rear Rack, Pro-Taper Bars, & HID Extra LED Headlight (200 times brighter than stock)… More to come. Next: Seat Concepts…, Suspension mods – maybe…

    For anyone board enough to read all this, you will never understand what an amazing bike this is. The aftermarket modifications will allow you to literally design this bike for exactly what you want it to do for you.

  • My personal top 5 would be: (in decreasing order)
    1. Pumper Carb (FCR MX 39 in my case)
    2. Gixxer 1000 2001 Can with open airbox
    3. Cogent DDC’s and stiffer springs in the front and shock revalving and stiffer spring as well in the back
    4. Bigger tank
    5. Proper tires

  • I’m trying to convince my family to let me buy a dual sport bike.
    I’ve found a 2005 Honda 650 with only 1000 miles on it.
    What do think about those bikes compared to suzuki? Thank you

    • *suzuki 250* Is it the XR650L from Honda? They’re awesome bikes. Its for sure a capable bike for dual sporting. A 2005 with only 1,000 miles on it sounds like a steal. Be on the look out for our Honda XR650L bike build coming soon. Have you checked out our DR650 Bike Build? Check it out and see what you think:

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