2018 Foxborough Supercross | How Was Your Weekend | 450 Class

Post-race interviews with Weston Peick, Justin Brayton, Malcolm Stewart, Marvin Musquin, and Jason Anderson following the 2018 Foxborough Supercross, the fifteenth round of the 2018 Monster Energy Supercross Series.

Title : 2018 Foxborough Supercross | How Was Your Weekend | 450 Class
Video Length : “07:35
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    • How fucking stupid can you be? Eli had a ton of chances to do that dirty type of pass all fucking race. And he choose to pass clean because he was faster. Marvins only hope was to cheap shot.

  • Glad to see Marv agressive & confidently take back his spot.
    Eli didn’t defend the corner as he didn’t expect Marv to catch him or put a move on.
    I would rather see a definite move like this than the passive agressive crap Eli pulled in Vegas last finale. If your going to go for it then just do it & park them.

  • Eli Tomac is such a puuuuuuuuuusssssssssy. He whines like a 13 year old girl. What a school girl. Mark gets another win! Lol. Hell yes. Take a dirt nap Eli! Lol.

  • I did ha respect for Musquin, but noy anymore. French fry cheap shot! f#@king A#@hole!! move. New respect for Musquin, which is not good. Tomacs pass was clean and Musquins was not. Tomac would not do to The same Marvin!! you are turning into a d#$K. I thought Marvin had more respect for that kind of racing. Apparently not! Go back to france!

    • Jorgy 6BT i think he honestly didnt mean to make contact like that. He probably thought eli would take the berm higher to make the triple. But eli took a tight line and bam

    • L.O.A :Kenneth I don’t know man.. as a professional racer would he really not expect Eli to take the tightest line and not leave the door wide open?

    • Anthony Stark marvin probably thought he’d catch eli by surprise by attempting the pass early on in the lap, with at least 2 more passing zones on the track. But eli defended. And the fact that they jumped into that 90 degree turn. Musquin had to make his decision on how he was gonna attack that corner at the takeoff of the triple in the rhythm section. At that point eli was still in the air, so marvin couldnt really guage the line eli told take.

    • I thought is was the best one in history! Finally some drama! And it was so awesome Eli called Marv out for fixing the race last year. Also, he had a good point about taking points instead of money. This game will get more corrupt until that happens.

  • Props to Marv! He’s been too timid for too long. Besides, I can’t believe Eli didn’t look back and expect that shit. Check up and dive under! Eli must not be a fan of the sport because this IS the sport.

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