2019 Yamaha YZ250X | Technical Briefing

Yamaha makes a two-stroke specifically for off-road riding and racing: the 2019 Yamaha YZ250X. Yamaha’s Phillip Lash tells us all about the things that make this bike great for off-road.


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  • So wish Yamaha would update this bike. Like to see yamaha put this motor in the new frame add electric start, and clear tank. Hydraulic clutch and counter blancer shaft would be a plus too.

  • Where can I find those handguards? I’ve looked everywhere for the cycra Yamaha guards and all I can find is the bigger ones that connect to the end of the bars.

  • Hmmmm, I’m still not entirely sold on either the 250 or 250x…

    I really like the idea of the bigger tires on the x, but I don’t like the de-tuned nature and longer gears of the x…. However, either bike I get is going to get a 300cc big-bore kit, so the de-tune isn’t exactly a concern; the gearing, though, is… Also, I’m no racer, riding exclusively trail, single-track, and ditch environments solely for fun, but I love 2-stroke MX bike handling and know how to run them in these terrains, hence the 300cc big-bore kit…

    Should I go with the 250 and put x-spec tires/wheels on, or just pick up the 250x?

  • This is a great bike..i kill 300s in the woods .soon as it opens i snap the hell outta there.this baby rips if know how use your clutch to gain traction and make the closest thing to a 4s powerband you will ever get on 2s..add a tooth or 2 to the rear sprocket and bam u can ride the track👌

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