First Impression Test Ride Of The 2019 Kawasaki KX250

You can always tell when a new bike is the focus of a manufacturer. When it comes time to put an all-new motorcycle into the marketplace, other models in the line-up get very little, if any, attention. That’s exactly what happened with Kawasaki this year, as their full efforts went into the KX450 and the 2019 Kawasaki KX250 received only very subtle cosmetic updates. It’s worth noting that 2019 marks year three for the current generation of the KX250, a design that was first debuted in model year 2017 and then received a number of updates and refinements for 2018. There were 50 changes in total between the 2017 and 2018 models in an attempt to improve the torque and throttle response of the engine and to improve the balance of the Showa suspension. For 2019, the KX250 is now wrapped in all green plastics, from the front to the rear fender, and are finished with a new graphic design. To hear how the bike feels on the track, we called up test rider Rene Garcia, captured his day of motos at Cahuilla Creek MX in Southern California, and asked for his impression of the green machine.


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