Pastrana vs One Lap of America Day 5

On Day 5 of One Lap of America, Travis Pastrana and Blake “Bilko” Williams make it to Motorsport Ranch where they run into a major snag that threatens to take them out of the race completely.

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Title : Pastrana vs One Lap of America Day 5
Video Length : “11:05
Channel | User | Playlist : Nitro Circus
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Nitro Circus

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    • Just for youtube
      Hhmmm. First off, you might want to brush up on your reading comprehension skills before you attempt to judge someone else’s intelligence. I never said I currently own one. I said I’ve driven multiple. So calling me a “butthurt Subaru owner” is an ignorant statement based on your ability to understand a sentence.
      And yes, some do have rod knock issues, not all. The ones that I’ve had experience with, and what’s being displayed in this series from Travis prove that “a couple laps then it has rodknock” is a clearly a false statement.
      So is there anything else you’d like ignorantly interject on Mr mechanic?

    • +captain porkie I don’t care if you own one and i never said that you typed out “I currently own a subaru”

      You’re fucking mentally ill lol. Holy shit. Holy SHIT! Are you kidding me? Honestly?

      I’m just sitting here laughing. This is phenomenal.

      Yeah, you’re a real smart cookie. You got it all going, you’re good. Fine, good to go. Perrrfect.

      Keep talking, Buddy. I’ll keep laughing.

    • Just for youtube
      Wow. So by referring to me as a “Subaru owner” doesn’t refer to me actually owning a Subaru????

      While you question my intelligence, you should learn how to use and properly understand your own words.

      Hahaha hahaha! And I’m the one with “low intelligence” as you literally wrote out, just as you literally wrote out in reference to me being a “Subaru owner”

      Hahahaà! Man dude, you’re about as sharp as bowling ball. I guess I’d rather be mentally ill than having reading comprehension that of 4th grader.

      Hahahaà! You’re right! This is phenomenally hilarious! Please continue to humor me with your intelligence.

    • +captain porkie Are you actually mentally ill?
      Are you okay? You do NOT seem okay.

      Stop using words you don’t know how to use.

      Subarus are unreliable shit that get rod knock as soon as one week after leaving the factory. And being you’re a subaru lover, you should know this shouldn’t you.

    • Just for youtube
      Hahahaà! Yeah continue with your ostentatious ways while you’re avoiding the mere fact you have an elementary grasp on reading skills and comprehension at best.

      I’d like to thank you for setting aside this special time to imprudently showcase your intelligence for us.

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