2019 Suzuki RMZ250 First Glance

Head test rider Dennis Stapleton was able to get us some footage from testing the all new Suzuki RMZ250 in Japan. We will be receiving this bike in the nearing weeks in California to do a complete editorial piece for our website, print, and video for you guys to see. Until then check out some initial riding shots we have gathered over seas. We apologize for the quality but with the resources we had this was about as good as it gets. Don’t forget to hit that subscribe button!

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Title : 2019 Suzuki RMZ250 First Glance
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    • Phil Dagenais The bike does look good and better than the 450, it’s gonna be hard for it to climb off the bottom though, not because it’s bad everyone’s is so close, but without e-start and the fact Suzuki’s setup from factory is always a bit off compared to the rest esp of the 450 test is anything to go buy, but like wise I think with the cool fork and everyone back to cool except KTM and Husky the time for air is over and they will drop down because the coil forks from the others Honda, Yamaha especially potentially Kawasaki and Suzuki will be an advantage of the AER airs in the rankings, not because the AER is bad, but a good cool will a,ways be better than a good air exception being weight of the system, Ill still take a coil over air anyway, I never bought into the air fork on any brand. So good work Suzuki be interesting to see how it goes compared to the 450 class results.

  • It certainly sounds good. I’m praying for Suzuki on this one. I ride a YZ currently so it really doesn’t matter one way or another, but I’ve had a soft spot for Suzuki since my ’86 RM 80, and an ’08 SV650SF that I had for a few years. They bomb this one, and it’s probably lights out for their moto line.

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