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We got our hands on a 2015 early in June out at Piru MX in Southern California. See what our first impressions are of the all new 2015 KTM 450SXF featuring new suspension settings, Dunlop Tires, Renthal Handlebars, new graphic scheme and so much more

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Title : First Ride 2015 KTM 450SXF Motocross Action Magazine
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Motocross Action Magazine

Motocross Action Magazine

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  • KTMs are good but not better than the other brands. I like to watch it on the track but personally their frames are so tiny and fragile and this is to compensate with the engine weight overall. They do feel light but they would never have the size, stability and robustness of Honda’s frame and the small and light size and power of Honda’s engine. 

    • +blomgren182 thats not my opinion thats mxa’s and dirtrider magazines thats why ktm is near the top or best some years for handling even though wp has a narrower tuning range than jap suspension alloy frame sales ploy, wow a big shiny frame i’ll buy it,alloy frames were to rigid when they first came out and are still to rigid now, even they’ve been lightened ans slimmed down time and time again  hondas frame was revised three times in its first 5 years. you hit an alloy frame with a hammer then a steel frame see which dents first

    • +Eddi Nice ktms give a stiffer ride than a honda oh also you hit the frame of your honda with an engineering hammer then hit the frame of the ktm  see which dent first ,this will prove my point,ktm’s 450 engine is based on there exc engine and is as reliable as the crf with more power ,ive ridden a crf 450 2014 this is no joke and im not trying to get a response from you but i thought i was riding a crf 280

    • +tubeyou123863 There is a very interesting forum describing customer experience relating to 2014+ KTM, unfortunately it is not in English. Any the point is if you can afford it buy it. So of us prefer to go one way other the other, that is why at the end only 1 is the fastest. Just see the history, how many years each bike manufacturer has experience and the how good the bikes were for each year. KTM started to become famous a few years ago. My neighbour has a Honda 1973 which starts the first run and the last time it was serviced was 10 years ago 😀 anyway enjoy riding, this is all that matters.Respect for all of you 😉

    • +Eddi Nice KTM started to become famous a few years ago? WTF? are you only 5yrs old or what? as far as a forum not being in english you can always use google translater…when was the last time an alloy frame won an extreme enduro event in europe? erzberg,etc….

  • I have to say, this is FINALLY KTM’s best 450 SX offering. Well refined now and with a much needed suspension update. So happy to see the black rims back. That was their trademark initially setting them apart and just when others were putting black rims on their bikes following suit, KTM went silver to appeal to other branders. Time to get serious on their own terms. I have owned 7 KTM’s. You know KTM is #1 on the durability factor when it barely needs a valve job when all the others are needing new top ends. Keep it up KTM and do not compromise your quality!!

  • The WP 4cs has both fork legs set up exactly the same, the only difference is the leak adjust, one side for rebound and the other side for compression  If both leak adjustment knobs are closed then both fork legs are identical..

    The voice sound quality is worse than from the 1920s !!!

  • I’ve got an idea for when shootouts are done:  Instead of just comparing who got the fastest lap time on what bike, compare times for completing say 5 or even 10 laps on different bikes by different riders of different riding abilities (pro, vet, B grade etc).  This would highlight more how fast each bike is.  It would also highlight things like how tiring ea bike is to ride, or if bikes are likely to sometimes do things that would slow you down.  Also, in shootout do a comparison on bikes with cheap modifications and whether that would change the results.  What do you think MXA and others?

  • KTM….. biggest shitboxes on the market. Ohh and you ktm loving fags can Keep Throwing Money on a worthless turd. And one more thing, i hope it doesn’t snap in half on ya!

  • Man… the Jap bikes just get further back every year. Not one bike out there better than a KTM right now. I don;t see that changing. KTM gives customers what they want.. and fast.
    As a Yamaha and Honda guy for 27 years, the last 5 years have been KTM and I’ve never owned a bike as nice as KTM. I’d be hard pressed to every go back to a Jap bike.
    I love all bikes, but did not realize what I was missing until I got my first KTM, simply amazing motorcycle. So easy to work and and they just last forever. Still on the same piston and rings in my 450 after 3 years. Time to re-build soon though:-) My Honda’s…. pain in the butt to work on and piston and rings often. And clutch right away. The Jap stuff is junk compared to KTM. No offense. The other bikes don’t even come close to being a factory bike like a KTM does. I’m talking brakes, clutch, electric start, rims, tires, suspension etc… pretty nice righ tout of the crate. Yes, their wink link is suspension, I’ll give you that, but it’s getting much better and really, who even rides stock suspension????? It’s a given any new bike will need suspension work done to make you abilty and weight.

  • I’ve tested both bikes but I went with the Rmz 450 2015. Ktm by far are the nicest bikes out there though (looks wise) I almost bought the ktm just for how awesome looked haha, but for people saying best out there if you think they are good try spin some laps on a Suzuki you will love them

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