2019 Motocross of Nations Team USA Announcement

Zach Osborne, Jason Anderson and Justin Cooper will comprise the U.S. effort for the 2019 Monster Energy FIM Motocross of Nations, scheduled for September 28th and 29th in Assen, Holland. The American Motorcyclist Association made the team announcement during opening ceremonies at the Circle K Unadilla National. The AMA’s Mike Pelletier made the announcement. Roger De Coster will serve as team manager and Christina Denny will assist. Here’s coverage of the event courtesy of the TV crew for the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship.

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Title : 2019 Motocross of Nations Team USA Announcement
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    • We never have a chance anymore. Last year was a good bet but we all know what happened. Sad part is I think we have the speed. However this year is in the sand and we will be ate alive.

    • Yes the cards are stacked against us, but I am more excited about this race than any other in recent memory. People also forget how many times we have barely lost out on first place in the last 7 years. We have a chance, the euros aren’t fucking super heroes.

    • Euros have the luxury of training outdoors exclusively. Supercross is where the money is in the states and over half the year of training. Hombre and Osborne are great, but US needs AC over cooper, and Tomac over one of the husqy boys. Kawi holding out their riders makes sense but US needs both to have a shot.

    • Apparently you people don’t pay attention anderson did great when he ran in 2016 till he was landed on after winning the moto. So did Osborne when he ran in 2017 he took 2nd ix MX2. And Cooper will do well that kid has a ton of fight in him. And everyone saying if AC went the US would win i think your getting a lil carried away hes still way to immature he makes a ton of mistakes and it shows look at how close the supercross points were and he threw that away by making a mistake all by himself i was at the race he went down right in front on where i was sitting he just flat out screwed up and he did that several times during the supercross season, now for outdoors he did much better but he had some assistance in gaining a nice points lead with the other top competitors having some dumb luck and making some mistakes. I think he really should spend one or two more years in the 250 class i think he is gonna end up like Barcia jumping to the 450 class to soon and he will kinda fizzle out have lackluster results. And im a huge Tomac fan but he ended up squeaking out a 3rd last year in the mxgp so he didn’t exactly kill it but he had a solid showing which will be the case for the guys this year. Saying that they cant hang with the Europeans is stupid send anyone of them over here to run SX or MX and they don’t ever do that great. They are used to running on shit tracks back in there home country areas that is why they do so well over there. Usually the riders that get selected to run this from the US i believe get paid a large amount of money to do it cause it takes valuable time from there training schedule to finish MX and start preparing for SX that’s why a lot of them don’t go crazy over wanting to run it.

  • Bummed to not be going this year. I was there when Jason got landed on at the finish line in Maggiora. I couldnt believe he wasnt more seriously hurt, it looked terrible.

  • You know they won’t win, but Osborne’s right. These 3 actually want to go, they’ll all ride with heart. All I want is the USA back on the podium and being competitive for the top 3 of their class.

  • Awesome picks going with Anderson and Osborne.. those guys are the definition of Gamers who show up when needed. Only Guy in the MX2 class that has the swagger and speed to be able to keep up with J Prado is AC. But Kawasaki pulled the plug. Guess Coop is a respectable 2nd option but damm new French MX2 Vialle is younger and seems to be as fast as Prado at times.. i can already hear the Excuses in Assen 19. France looks like they can take their 6th straight Cup especially if Herlings is a No Show. If Cooper is on the US has a shot. If hes not they are done.

  • Lmao roczen tomac shoulda been guaranteed 💯 they been riding the hardest every race except tomac last race, looked like he was playing safe half way thru

    JA JC ZO trash

  • The MXON should be 1 week after the outdoor nationals so our guys are still fresh and in race mode. No doubt the GP guys are great it’s just hard to see who is the best on one race when the racer’s from here and over there are on such a different format. Herlings is the man but if Tomac is on beast mode I feel he’s got his number.

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