2019 Racer X Pro Motocross Preview Show: Episode 2, The 250 Class

The trials and tribulations of a grueling Monster Energy AMA Supercross Championship will surely spill over into the 2019 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship, which begins May 18th at Hangtown. As always, Jason Weigandt, Steve Matthes, and Jason Thomas provide your preview to the new season, with episode two running through the stacked list of contenders for the 250 National Championship. Can Adam Cianciarulo rebound from a heartbreaking championship loss in supercross? Can Dylan Ferrandis claim a second title in 2019? What about Justin Cooper? Or Chase Sexton? We break it all down in the second episode.

Watch episode one: https://bit.ly/2JDWLN0

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Title : 2019 Racer X Pro Motocross Preview Show: Episode 2, The 250 Class
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  • I watched Ferrandis put it to Herlings in the GP’s. I watched him at Glenn Helen smoke everyone in the scalding heat. I’m Dylan Ferrandis all the way.

  • So am I the only one that thinks NBC has ruined the way the races are broadcast. Unless you buy their stream package you have to watch the motors split up over two different times. Sometimes hours apart. The bigger issue with the stream is it doesn’t always work. I bought the package for supercross and outdoor. After missing the first three weeks of supercross and dealing with their completely useless customer service I demanded a complete refund which took me ten emails. Whoever cut the deal with NBC is an idiot

    • +Justin Beechler all the networks are doing it. Pretty soon we’ll have to pay to watch any sport live. That’s pay for each separate sport.

    • I use to hate paying too, but now believe the live streaming deal is the best thing ever!

      You can pause, replay and replay again as many times as you want. It costs $5 per race, less than a dollar per day.
      Phone rings, pause it; need a new beer, pause it; need to piss… it’s awesome!
      Not to mention, no commercials and you get to see qualifying.
      All that for $5!

    • WILLY MANSILLA he’s been ok to race he had a little back injury and was about to point out so they pulled him for SX to race another year on the 250’s. He’s good to go!

    • We’ve all seen big air tom.gimme a break.this 250 class is 3x as deep as over there and prado got smoked by Hampshire melted in the American heat.

  • Predicable as saying chokemac every week year in 450s , least JT has some insight, Hunter Lawerence and Tom Covington are gonna rock this class and shake up American motocross like MXDN last year, some reps are gonna get some serious butt hurt on and off the bike that’s my prediction, ohhh yeahhhh, as Mucho Man Randy Savage said the cream will rise to the top, this aint no wuss SX, this is mans racing, outdoors 2 motos even if wuss 30 mins and not 45 like the bad ass times, the cream is gonna rise and the cream is from the MXGPs! The only caveat for these too is maybe track knowledge, most of the tracks will be totally new to them and a bit soft due to the wuss over grooming they do! Go the cream, ohh yeah 👻🤪🤙

    • They both got smoked by Hampshire at ww ranch. Hunter Lawrence will be a contender but Covington is a 10th place guy over here. He got smoked by both forkner and Webb at Charlotte. Also Jmart and a couple others at Glen Helen. His only hope is a mud race cause gp guys are way better then Americans in the mud.

  • Was looking forward to the Jacksonville national and taking my kid. Then I saw the prices. 1 day shaded area, general admission tickets are $100. That’s for 12 year old and above. Racer X pit pass to get autographs is the same price I believe. That’s $400 to see the pro events on Saturday, for myself and my 12 year old. That’s nuts. That’s Florida in June, those guys are going to melt out there.

  • A/C is a loser who will probably be dead before the 1st gate drops. I heard his mom is tit feeding that pussy boy. That faggot jLaw could beat A/C he needs to get a tattoo on his ass ” open for business” lol you know every faggot has hit that

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