Exhaust #41: An Hour in a Car with Phil Nicoletti

Jason Weigandt teamed up with everyone’s favorite grump, “Filthy” Phil Nicoletti, for the long drive through the desert from Corona, California, to Las Vegas. They were headed to Steve Matthes’ PulpMX Show, but when you get two talkers from the Northeast on the subject of moto, the conversation is never-ending, so Weigandt turned on the recorder to create this podcast during the drive. It’s one hour of talk about local racing, loving riding, hurling F-bombs at competitors, the odd rivals you didn’t know Phil had, and the teams you didn’t know he rode for. You know something? Weege and Phil never listened to a single song on the radio for the entire three and a half hours of driving because they wouldn’t shut up! Enjoy New Jersey and New York snark at its finest in this very positive edition of the Racer X Exhaust Podcast.

The Racer X Exhaust Podcast is presented by Yoshimura.

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Title : Exhaust #41: An Hour in a Car with Phil Nicoletti
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