Exhaust #50: The Million-to-One Shot with Brett Smith and Davey Coombs

Jason Weigandt chats with author Brett Smith about the most expensive photo in motocross history—the million-to-one Ricky Carmichael shot, taken from the stands, that led to an Oakley billboard in Los Angeles—a rare boost of mainstream exposure. Smith penned the story for the latest issue of Racer X Illustrated—”One Hit Wonder,” which you can read right now at digital.racerxonline.com—and joins Weigandt for a chat about the process of tracking down a story no one understood in full. Even the photographer himself had no idea how his photo ended up becoming part of a famous Oakley ad campaign!

Later, Weigandt also chats with Davey Coombs about the story he wrote in our new issue, “Waiting for Answers,” which you can read right now at digital.racerxonline.com. In the article, DC gives the latest update on Broc Tickle’s WADA anti-doping case. Coombs talks about the latest developments with the AMA, FIM, WADA, drug testing in the sport, and what he thinks is coming next.

The Racer X Exhaust podcast is presented by Yoshimura.

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Title : Exhaust #50: The Million-to-One Shot with Brett Smith and Davey Coombs
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