Garage Build: 2018 Honda CRF250R

We went to Jaime Ellis at Twisted Development to see if we could build an engine to match the superb handling on this 2018 Honda CRF250R.

Products Used:

Twisted Development 
Head Porting/Valve Seats and Deck, Vortex X10 ECU Mapping to Operate Second Injector, KTM Throttle Body Setup 

Vertex Pistons
GP Racer Piston Kit (Ring, Pin, Clips)

Full Exhaust

Vortex Ignitions
X10 Programmable ECU

Full Plastic Kit


StarCross 5 (Front and Rear Tires) 

Works Connection    
Elite Perch, Brake Caps, Bike Stand, Radiator Braces, Titanium Footpegs

Hinson Clutch Components  
Complete Clutch Setup, Outer Cover Kit

Uni Filter
Two-Stage Air Filter

Custom Cool Seat Cover

VP Racing Fuels     
MR Pro 6

D’Cor Visuals  
Custom Graphics Kit

Faster USA 

Title : Garage Build: 2018 Honda CRF250R
Video Length : “10:17
Channel | User | Playlist : Racer X Illustrated
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  • Good work guys Racer X and the TD guys seem on point. Did thumbs up you guys👍

    But Honda Honda Honda, where have you been the last decade, now you look like a KTM follow KTM, the All,new bike engine is using much of KTMs tech yet stupidly uses 2 headers 2 silencers for what benefit, it hasn’t been a world beater it dosent have any advantage over other stock bikes, Honda used to be the leader in performance for low cost and simplicity esp in the 2 stroke era, no gimmicks.

    And now use KTM tech to make your bike competitive, the once kings of the 125 class, 250 and 500 class, now followers, bike even looks like a KTM with these plastics and graphics, needed to go with Red and Blue, imo Blue Seat, red white looks to much like Orange and white. What as happened at Honda.

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