Garage Build: 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450

The 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450 isn’t far off, but it is in desperate need of a few updates to stay relevant.

The front fork was atrocious, it was heavy, and the motor was just a little bit down on power compared to its adversaries. Oh, and an electric start would have been great. The 2018 RM-Z450 offered changes, but the improvements were marginal, the weight didn’t change much, and it still had a kickstarter. We made it our goal to make the fixes we could on our own.

Products Used
Pro Circuit

Head porting, High Compression Piston, Ti 6 Exhaust System, Suspension Revalve, Linkage

Rear Sprocket, Front Sprocket, Chain
Works Connection

Bike Stand, Axle Blocks, Engine Plugs, Rotating Bar Clamp, Steering Stem Nut, Hour Meter and Mount, Radiator Braces, Brake Caps, Full Elite Perch, Front Brake Lever, Holeshot Device
Cycra Racing

Front Fender, Front Number Plate
Uni Filter

Two-Stage Air Filter

MX3S Front (80/100-21)MX3S Rear (120/80-19)

Custom Cool Seat Cover

High Pressure Radiator Cap

Titanium Footpegs
DeCal Works

Semi-Custom Graphics Kit, Pre-Printed Number Plate Backgrounds
Hinson Clutch Components

Fibers, Steels, Springs, Outer Cover

604 Fat Bars, Dual Compound Grips
VP Fuels

U4.4 Fuel

Title : Garage Build: 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450
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