Racer X Films: 1991 Honda CR250R Build

The Rouse brothers picked up this bike from a friend and fellow industry guy. They paid a respectable price for it: $1,500. The bike was in good shape; it was about 95 percent original, the plastics still had the warning label on it from the factory, and the bike also came with the original seat cover.

All in all, it was maintained very well and ran great, making the restore much easier than other builds the brothers have taken on. The two brothers rolled up their sleeves and got to work on the bike. Dane started tearing it down and Brent contacted his personal sponsors as well as Jay Clark for help to bring this RedBud edition build to life.

This was the outcome of their work. Thank you to all companies who helped the Rouse brothers build this bike for Racer X.

A very special thanks to www.perrismx.com.

About Pro Circuit
Based in Corona, California, Pro Circuit Products, Inc. is a leader in off-road motorcycle and ATV exhausts and aftermarket performance parts. Started in 1978, Pro Circuit is the go-to shop for recreational riders and professionals for everything from suspension work to complete engine packages, and everything in between.

About Namura Technologies
Pistons and Gaskets Coming from decades of Powersports aftermarket manufacturing, Namura continues to impress riders and dealers alike with their aggressive development and innovative product design and manufacturing in MX and ATV Pistons and Gaskets. Based out of the suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota, Namura is taking piston quality and durability to another level.

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Title : Racer X Films: 1991 Honda CR250R Build
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