Racer X Films: 2002 Yamaha YZ250 Project Build

This bike was bought as several boxes full of parts (which can be a mistake when you don’t know that all of the pieces are really there). Buying a bike that has everything there and bolted up is a big help knowing you won’t be chasing unobtainable parts. The good news is we only had $1,000 into the blown-up bike.

A complete rebuild was much needed on this blown-up YZ250. The Cylinder had to be repaired by Millennium and a full Wrench Rabbit kit was used to get the engine back up to par. We powder coated the frame and replaced all bearings and seals on the machine with Pivot Works kits. All Balls provided new cables and for the brakes—they offer full rebuild kits as well. The motor on this bike is very similar to the 2019 YZ250, which is one of the reasons we didn’t hesitate to dive into this rebuild. The suspension has been updated since then, but this stuff still works well. And for some folks, the steel frame has a more forgiving, plush feel than the current aluminum framed YZ.

Clarke Manufacturing was a huge part of this build as they are able to make OEM looking tanks in stock size that match the custom Polisport updated plastic for the bike. Once we had more modern looking plastics, we had the crew at DeCal Works build us a custom graphics kit. San Diego Powder Coating painted the frame an amazing blue while the motor and suspension were getting fixed up. We also rebuilt the bike with a fastener kit from Bolt Motorcycle Hardware, a must when you’re working on older bikes like these and trying to make them look new again. The stock forks wound up being broken internally, so we found some cheap 2006 forks that were in decent shape for Factory Connection to massage. We ran the Pro Circuit suggested jetting off their website and this machine ran amazingly.

Is this all worth it? Most likely, not. What the heck? Many guys want to know how much all this costs, but Jay says that in many cases the math can be tough. This bike in completed form could bring $3,000-$4,000, max. However with $1,500 we had to spend on the motor and suspension and then another $1,500 in bling and upgrades, it can be tough. But there are more and more guys out there that are a bit eccentric and want to build something that is special to them. For these fanatics, as long as the math breaks even, they are okay with it. Jay says you won’t likely make money restoring bikes, but it’s a heck of a lot of fun.

On the track, this YZ was as fun as any modern two-stroke. The motor was sharp, crisp and felt like a brand-new engine, thanks to the Wrench Rabbit kit. All the brakes and controls felt like new as well, because they really were after being rebuilt! The best part was getting back on an steel frame after all these years. While the difference is subtle, you can feel the additional flex in the frame, which gives a softer, more forgiving feel on landings and in sharp chop. It had a more compliant tendency when you would hit a section wrong or come up short on something. I was smiling big after a few laps on this bike and, to be honest, I didn’t want to quit riding. Thanks to Jay Clark for letting us test his latest build!

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