Racer X Films: 2004 KTM 300 Project Bike

This project bike was a bit different for us. Our friend Rado, who runs a site called Dirt ‘N Iron, built a beautiful 300cc KTM off-road bike and asked if we’d be interested in testing it. His work is meticulous and he does an incredible job of documenting the work and sharing it via video on his site. Rado gave us a little of his background.

“I have been riding motorcycles since I was a kid back in Europe, but fell in love with dirt bikes once settled down in SoCal. Found out that dirt is way more fun, shifted completely to motocross and trails. I loved it so much that I wanted to do more than just riding, so i started Dirt ‘N Iron YouTube channel back in early 2016. My vision was to share passion, down to earth tips, and reviews from enthusiasts perspective and also introduce the sport to newcomers.”

He added this about the build: “I wanted to do a two-stroke build on the channel for a long time, get a cheap older 250, have Eric Gorr do a big bore kit and go through everything that needed some attention. I wanted to do it together with subscribers, ask their opinion and advice, and let them join me on the build. I recorded every step of the build, starting from picking up the bike from Craigslist for $900 till final reveal. Goal was to have old bike that is now better than new. It was a fun journey, we did around 25 videos in last five months and the final result is quite satisfying.”

On the trail the bike was incredible. The thing that really grabbed my attention was how sharp and responsive the 300cc powerplant was. Honestly, this is the best motor you can have in an off-road bike, in my opinion. It’s all the power you could ever want in a light, easy to control chassis. The off-road specific parts don’t make it feel like a bulky, cumbersome monstrosity, which can happen as you add the large tank and other parts. This machine is an off-road weapon. Watch the video for the full test.

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Title : Racer X Films: 2004 KTM 300 Project Bike
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