Racer X Films: Cooper Webb: Still The Underdog

Much has been said about the Red Bull KTM team’s contribution to Cooper Webb’s success in 2019, as the new bike and team, and training with Aldon Baker, appears to have made a huge impact on his career. But what about Cooper himself? How much of an impact did two down years have on his own motivation? In a candid conversation after the Daytona Supercross, Jason Weigandt talks to the current 450SX points leader about the lessons he learned in 2017 and 2018, and why he wouldn’t take those years back, even if they didn’t meet his expectations. For Webb, it was a humbling experience, and that has changed his approach to racing for the better.

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Title : Racer X Films: Cooper Webb: Still The Underdog
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  • Musquin has a weakness that you can spot a mile away. Last year during the nationals, I noticed this as well. When he is trying to get around someone that is going faster than him, he tends to start riding over his head and trying too hard to keep pace which leads to mistakes and wild “Oh shit” moments. He’s railing corners, launching stuff like a mad man, but it isnt in the way Eli or others do it when they are on the move. You can visibly see him trying to sustain/exceed a pace that he is uncomfortable with.

    • Very true, I’m right there with you. And yeah look at what happened to Broc Tickle once he joined RB KTM. There has to be some kind of substance they’re taking that is wearing these guys out. Something makes Tickle fail the test and it could be the same thing that makes Webb and Musquin look dead inside and fatigued all the time.

    • Dude, Baker only brought Tickle on the team to use as a Guinea pig when it was time for RB ktm to test. They didnt wanna lose Marvin because he’s the face of the team, so Baker sent Tickle to test. And Its so funny when they say “oh i was sick all week and didnt ride”, and proceeds to dominate qualifying and the race. Lol.

    • Think about what these guys go through on a race weekend, especially Saturday, both physically and emotionally. I’d be drained too, and at this point they’re just over halfway through the season.

  • Awesome to see him be his best. Honestly I can see him winning the championship for a couple years. His speed is not the fastest but his race craft and determination is great. He’s like a mix of rc and chad reed. Example of why you never give up

  • These riders are putting in work. Who wouldn’t jump on the Webb bandwagon he’s putting it up there stop having on Marvin please and tomac they are busting their ass tune in and watch this amazing champions put it on the line and Ken Roczen imagine what it’s like for these guys to line up and know everyone around them could win stop hating on them they have enough pressure

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