Ryan Dungey 2011 Supercross Testing

Ryan Dungey was breaking in his new #1 plate while getting in some early season supercross testing.

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  • with that fags “prediction” below me james cannot win when he rides over his head it dont matter if he stays healthy ryan is in shape and just as fast as james now u can be in the best shape u want and fastest but if you cant keep the bike on two wheels guys who are consistant like ryan will always win for long run

  • Dungey doesnt desererve that Number one plate…..James Stewert was out, Chad Reed was out, and Villipoto was out…..I think villipoto would of won if he didnt crash out of the season

  • @125Yamirider5 If Dungey won the title, he deserves the Number one plate, regardless of who was there or not. Its not about being the fastest for one day, its about being the fastest the whole season, and NOT taking yourself out of the game. Dungey rode smarter than Stewart and Villopoto. Now that those two are back in action Dungey is getting a consistant 3rd, and thats how it will be, providing that the other two dont take themselves out. Villopoto probably wont, stewart on the other hand…

  • Anyone who hates on him and says he doen`t deserve that championship you should shutup. Did he purposely make everyone else crash NO I bet he loves being champion but I think he might of rather had more competition. Also he held the points lead from like Pheoinx all the way to LasVegas (other than when he was tied with Villopoto) So you gotta give the guy credit. Yeah maybe it was a “ Gift wrapped title“ but hey I don`t see out there winning championships do I. hes not my favourite just sayin

  • @TONYTIGERcali first of all stewart isn’t gonna take his number 1 plate away dungey is much better and much more consistant then him,anaheim 1 held him off until the very last lap but then he made a mistake on a rhythm section before the finish line,phoenix holeshotted stewart wasn’t even close and i know people will say because he was hurt that’s why he didn’t catch him,aneheim 2 he beat stewart straight up,unadilla 2010 never even came close to dungey,stewarts not taking it away from him

  • You people should never confuse when a person is a Champion and when he is the best rider on the track. Villipoto cant or wont be champion with out dirty take out moves,Ryan is champion but needs to go faster if he wants to be the best rider on the track, Stewart is the best rider on the track he just needs to think like a Champion and focus to get it back. To me, a legend should not need to block pass to be on top.

  • Dungey is AWESOME! We go to High Point every year to see the races. I got signed posters from Ricky Carmichael, Bubba, and Reed, and this year I’m getting Dungey’s!!
    XD With ya all the way man! GO DUNGEY!!

  • Do someone know the name of the song???? I cant find it anywhere I just know it starts with somethin like “Its a revolution” if someone knows please leave me a comment πŸ™‚
    Keep the braaaaaaap hard!

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