The PulpMX/Racer X Live Show in Las Vegas with Ryan Villopoto and Chad Reed

Enjoy a wild, unfiltered night on the eve of the final round of the 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Championship from Las Vegas in front of a live audience of rabid supercross fans.

Hosts Jason Weigandt, Steve Matthes, Kris Keefer, and Jason Thomas were joined by special guests Ryan Villopoto, Chad Reed, and Davey Coombs.

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Title : The PulpMX/Racer X Live Show in Las Vegas with Ryan Villopoto and Chad Reed
Video Length : “02:22:17
Channel | User | Playlist : Racer X Illustrated
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  • 27:05 First I see and hear about the FIM making our SX tracks the same speed for everybody. (nobody is allowed to be faster, and nobody is).
    Now the FIM is making the outdoor tracks with the same soil, (sans Southwick).
    These 2 things will ensure the USA never wins a MXofN again.
    DEPORT THE FIM!!!!!!!!! Let them destroy the sport in Europe and any other 3rd world nation they race in. DEPORT THE FIM!!!!

    • If you turned off your TV service, (which is the fastest growing sport in the USA today), I am afraid we will never be able to see a complete race during the NBC years. I have not been able to see a complete race, and even if NBC puts together a series to sell in DVD, I won’t buy that from them either. NBC, (and the other TV news) is the main reason why I turned off my TV service years ago. They are just as commie as the FIM, (who picked NBC).

  • Great show, but I want you guys to “civil up” and watch the language, (how we uphold some good values, like civil family values).
    Watch the language please. I have a picture of my Mother in my wallet.

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