The Weege Show | 2019 Atlanta Supercross

Racer X’s Jason Weigandt breaks down round nine of Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

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Title : The Weege Show | 2019 Atlanta Supercross
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  • Another boring one-line race track. Have none of you noticed that there is no passing on the tracks? If a rider doesn’t make passes by the time he gets to the 3rd turn off the start that’s where they finish. It’s not fun watching riders follow each other and not be able to pass. That’s not racing.

    • +lil Sebastian I have watched everything I could on you-tube. Honestly, I have not seen a one line track unless it was a single track trail,—of which people still pass. If there was only one line, (and that is false), maybe the racers should develop more,—like in the sand. Now lets get back to reality. The reason why this race was so boring, (accept the sand section) is because the racers have the track dialed and are about the same speed,—added to the fact that the people watching today seem to think a block pass is a dirty move. Unless the guy in front of you makes a mistake, (another good reason why you should not be on his line), the only way to pass a guy who about the same speed, is to jam him in a corner. So we have easy tracks for these guys, (and too many of them like it that way), and the new stigma that berates a guy for an aggressive block pass. What you end up with is this, the triple jump parade.
      In my heyday, I could have passed some of those guys in the sand section, picking any line they were not on. Of course, they would kill me on the easy stuff. πŸ™‚

    • ​+EarthSurferUSA Every track except for Detroit last week has been one fast line. Well then explain why there hasn’t been any passing. Could it be because there is only one fast line, no decision making rhythm sections, the tracks are generic? Jam them in a corner? How is that possible if there is only one fast line and you’re following the other guy? Do yourself a favor and watch the races from this year and you’ll see that after the 3rd turn where the riders are at is where they’ve finished unless they crashed. After that, watch the races from last year. You’re going to see that the tracks from last year and later had rhythm sections where you could triple or quad, go to the inside and double or the outside and triple. None of the tracks except for last week (Detroit) have had that this year. Stop lying to yourself.

    • +Timothy Berlinski It’s the tracks, they’re one line with no decision making rhythms sections. When there is only 1 fast line everyone takes that line and you don’t get any passing. Every race except for Detroit is a perfect example of that.

    • Do you mean somebody took somebody out and we can’t see it on you-tube?
      Man, that stinks.
      If there is some real racing going here, I want to see it! πŸ™‚

    • There were plenty of lines. The racers have these simple tracks wired, and their best lap time from 1st through 10th is only 1 second. Now add the fact they they are all pretty much going the same speed, with the stigma today of hammering a great block pass on somebody, (“That was dirty riding—whaaaaaa!”), and you end up with a triple jump parade. RC could crash, (in his heyday), on the fist lap of any of these races today, and won. What would he do if was called a dirt rider by everybody? Retire!

  • Good breakdown JW. Thanks for the coverage.
    I like Blake because he is his own man, and pretty darn funny IMO, (a breath of fresh air in a press conference/interview). But he complained about the sand section. It’s racing, and we are all more wrong than right with predictions, (when nobody can dominate), but I say Blake does not break the top 5 at Daytona. According to him, “Supercross should be steep jumps, and no sand.”. Daytona is not Supercross, and neither was the race at the LA Coliseum in 1972, (in his mind I can assume). I loved racing in the sand. For the life of me, I really can’t understand the complaint. May be little old me, was better in the sand on my 97 KX250 2-stroke,—— than these guys?
    Again, great show JW.

  • For those who think this is a one line track. Go get great at hole shots, and go win some main events. All you have to do is stay in that one line. Forkner should have won,—right?

    • The track condition were a lot different for the 250 race. Whoops especially…which is where Forkner got passed both times. The track was one line. I would rather see 1 rider pull away and show that he was the quickest then win in a close train. Then you know it wasn’t just the holeshot.

  • Here is a good judge of if the track is good for racing…can ET pass people? Detroit yes, ATL no. ATL made for a boring race. Somehow they need to make more tracks like Detroit. It is way more exciting.

  • Cooper did what he needed to do and get the whole shot but Marvin and Blake were clearly faster, they would catch him constantly at the whoops and finish line but the sand saved him quite a bit. He would squirt away while them two were blasting each other.

  • The problem with SX is that this stadium is packed and others are a joke. So whats the problem? Tomac is toast should have could have been a 450 champ but the talent has caught up. Sexton Sexton Sexton whats the problem son. Please no rain @ Daytona I hate getting wet.

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