The Weege Show | 2019 Denver Supercross

Racer X’s Jason Weigandt breaks down round 15 of Monster Energy AMA Supercross.

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Title : The Weege Show | 2019 Denver Supercross
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Channel | User | Playlist : Racer X Illustrated
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  • Tomac’s 100% is better than every other riders 100%. The problem is he can’t maintain 100% all season. His mental game is not the best and you can see Copper Webb is mentality stronger. Copper rides consistently around 90% well Tomac on some nights is 80%, other nights 85%, or 100%. To win the Championship it’s a combination of skill, mental focus and mental power.

  • KTM please get rid of Marvin! He’s been doing the same thing since he was racing behind Dungey! He’s had more chances than any 450 Rider in the sport it’s time for him to go. He’s a spoiled brat with all the resources in the world give somebody else a chance

    • He has the second highest average finish in the class right now (was the highest for the last couple years until recently), is always on the podium, and is always one of 2 or 3 guys battling for the title. This sport is nothing more than marketing; KTM wants their brand getting positive exposure as much as possible to help sell as many bikes as possible. He has a reputation of being polite and nice to everyone in the pits. He inspires riders that want to make it to the US one day, so he also helps with international marketing. Who else is going to represent their bikes like that? The only other guy that is somewhat in that boat would be Roczen, but he is not leaving Honda. After that, the caliber of the riders drops off big time.

    • +Ben Wilson …fair enough… I just don’t like him it’s been the same story his entire 450 career and as a fan I want to see the gnarliest racer available and he’s not it

    • +Ben Wilson …also he is not an elite rider…on suzuki rocezen owned him…tomac owned him…dungy didnt even have to look back….webb is rising up…marv is not elite…hes just a rider…

    • +Collin Daugherty how is he not ‘elite’ if he is one of the top 3 contenders nearly every week and every season? If you’re looking for someone that is consistently at the top of the field the most often, musquin is very hard to beat when looking at the last couple of years. Not really sure what you’re definition of ‘elite’ is otherwise

    • +Ben Wilson … Elite means the very Pinnacle of the sport. Someone who gets 2nd and 3rd all the time is not Elite they are not a winner they are just a rider

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