TWMX Race Series Racer Profile

Garrett Spaeth

Age: 31

Hometown: Carson, California

Classes Raced: 30 Novice, Vet Novice Open

Sponsors: My hard work!

Garrett Spaeth is proof that you can gain speed and skill as a vet racer. He’s been racing on and off for half of his life, and now at the age of 31 he is faster than he has ever been. We caught up with him at the Milestone opener of the Terra Firma Series. 

Motocross can be a pretty pricey sport and since you’re your own sponsor, where do you work during the week when you’re not racing?

 I work for a company called Luxottica Retail. We do a lot of sun and eyewear, so we own like Ray-Ban and Oakley, a lot of the eyewear brands.

 How long have you been racing motocross and what led you to chose it?

 I started racing when I was around 15, but took some breaks in there a couple times during college and a little after. I got back to it because what better time is there than spending the day with your friends and riding your motorcycle. I’m 31 now, so on and off for 15 years.

 Would you say the family aspect is your favorite part of racing?

 Definitely, growing up being able to spend that time with family and…

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