Justin Brayton: “My first win at Daytona…I never would have expected that.”

You had everything from elation to smack-talking in this Daytona 450 Winners’ Circle Press Conference, courtesy of Justin Brayton, Eli Tomac, and Cooper Webb.

Title : Justin Brayton: “My first win at Daytona…I never would have expected that.”
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  • I applaud Eli for his honesty! I was going ballistic that not only was Cooper cross jumping on him (poor excuse of race craft when the Eli was clearly going faster than him) but that Ralph, Jeff and Ricky were TOTALLY OBLIVIOUS to it. Ricky: “oh that was totally unnecessary…” …they might be good guys, but we seriously need someone new in the booth! Every week l’m baffled by what they miss or mess up. Weege and Langston are keyed in and on top of what going on Outdoors, we really need them to cover Supercross as well. …and Great job Brayton!!!

    • Daniel Blair, Grant Langston, heck even Ken Roczen did a better job last week during the heat races. RC may be the goat on the track but he is horrible in the booth.

    • I’d agree Kenny was awesome but just because he isn’t tv trained and just says it as it is amd even giving away riding tips. Wouldnt go as far to say Rickys horrible, I enjoy him being there, better than Blair I find. Haven’t seen langston call much supercross though so maybe on that one.

    • Jas K this comment is pretty much ignorant. I’m 100% sure they seen coop cross jumping but regardless of that what Eli did was unnecessary period. He was the faster rider show him in a different way besides taking yourself out as well just stupid.

    • Langston and weigant when they make a mistake own up to it as well. Emig and shaheen just continue to try and convince people they are right. Shaheen gets on my nerves for several reasons but the biggest one is blowing everything out of preparation. Definitely enjoy watching outdoors more and a lot of the reason is because of the better announcers. And on the rc thing just because you’re a great rider doesn’t make you a great announcer. Give me Rc over Langston racing but give me Langston over Rc in the booth any day

  • “privateer” is thrown around too often. Don’t get me wrong Justin isn’t on works parts but he’s got a huuuuuge leap above the box van boys in terms of equipment.

    • A lot of people rely on Youtube to watch the races. When you put a spoiler in the title of your video it comes up when searching for the race. It’s just unnecessary to do that.

    • Considering all the offical press conference videos from AMA, highlight videos etc – the fact remains you only have yourself to blame if you venture onto Youtube and expecting no spoilers.

      By the way, isnt it possible for everyone to pay for the stream now? Pretty sure thats the case, and I am pretty sure that is something that VitalMX is pro, as it helps the sport to grow.

  • Justin Brayton is the man.

    We don’t need the greedy system where teenagers trying to turn into dung, tomac, el hombre much rather end up like Nico Izzi, JLaw or Austin Stroupe…

    Yeah Brayton isn’t full blown “privateer” but still his success is unmatchable… maybe Chad Reed could outdone this. 😀

  • I’m happy to see Brayton win, but does anyone know why the AMA shorten both the Mains by 3 or 4 laps ? That cost us SX fans watching Tomac battle Brayton for the win, and Osborne battle for the win in the 250s, . Frankly the AMA screwed the fans ( and SX tradition) by shortening the 250 and 450 mains. RC said “the fastest and best conditioned rider would win”, not at the 2018 Daytona. SX

    • B.R. Field because all races are now the 20 minute plus one lap format . Daytona lap times are over a minute so the race is longer than 20 minutes , so they changed it to time racing at Daytona so all the races are the same. Supposedly for “consistency” for the riders.

    • It’s not an AMA thing, it’s a Feld decision that was put in place last year. We swapped to timed main events, set for 20 mins plus one lap. In most cases, that actually gives us more racing as many races through the year only have 42-50 second lap times, giving us 450 main events that are around 15-16 mins long. So we actually gain racing for most of the year, as the average 450 main is now over 21 mins because of the plus one lap. Daytona however is the only round we typically will lose laps at, as a 20 lap main here can be over 30 minutes of racing. Last year this rule was in place, but for Daytona they opted for 20 laps instead of minutes, and it ran the broadcast over, so they switched it to match the rest of the series.

      Every Heat, LCQ, and Main event this year is timed at all rounds, not set laps.

    • B.R. Field

      Nothing is lost to the “new” timed format and there’s no way of knowing how the race would have played out in a 20 lap format. Justin Brayton did just come off a moto win in the triple crown race at Atlanta and Eli Tomac has thrown it away while leading more than once so…

      RC is off on his analysis as well. Conditioning and speed are helpful even in short motos but don’t guarantee a win.

  • Watch the series on the course before Tomac and Webb went down…..Webb ALMOST pushed him off

    the track……watch it again……and then there’s FrankenPiek causing the slight off-balance…..

    That’s racing as Webb said….but we all know another lap, and the fastest guy on the track would have

    had 3 Daytona wins. (search Tomac Daytona wheelie…) the guy is amazing!!!

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