1. S

    Help Ktm exc 125 2002 bogging lowend

    Hey Guys, I own a Ktm Exc 125 2002 with keihin 38 pwk and is bogging lowend. if i roll on idle an open the throttle to fast ist bogs. got new: -topend 10h now -new reeds -new ignition coil -new seals - new exhaust packing sorry for the bad english. i just need help;)
  2. B

    1997 kx125 powervalves linkage

    I got a kx125 and it bogs right before the power band I took off the pipe and the power valves cover is missing and there isn’t a connection between the actuator rode and the power valve. Rod in wonder what I’m missing on my bike
  3. K

    Am I too heavy for a 125?

    So I'm looking at getting a Yamaha ttr 125, I'm currently around 150kgs (315lb) I believe. Will it be able to carry my weight?? Someone please help!!!
  4. DavidR8

    Help Help a newbie

    Hi all , I’m thinking about getting into riding. I ride street now but rode a CRF150F a few weekends ago at a local MX track. I had a blast! I’m 5’9”, 170 lbs. I don’t know if I should be looking at a 125 2t or a 250 4t Pure MX or woods? I anticipate riding mostly track, not racing though...
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