1. MetalDredz

    How-To 1992 Yamaha wr200 Tusk wiring kit help

    Hello, I bought a 92 Yamaha WR200 last year and it's been great, attached some pictures. Was hoping to find some wr200 owners or anyone familiar with them , or atleast anyone that could help me out. Due to not having a truck or trailer to haul it to better riding locations I purchased one of...
  2. MetalDredz

    New member saying hello . 92 Yamaha WR200rd 2 stroke

    New member just saying hello and thank you! I've found some good info on the 92 WR200 2 stroke here. I will probably be needing more help soon . I've searched through and haven't found much about compatible parts , if anyone knows info on these bikes I'd appreciate it. I still haven't even found...
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