1. MetalDredz

    New member saying hello . 92 Yamaha WR200rd 2 stroke

    New member just saying hello and thank you! I've found some good info on the 92 WR200 2 stroke here. I will probably be needing more help soon . I've searched through and haven't found much about compatible parts , if anyone knows info on these bikes I'd appreciate it. I still haven't even found...
  2. V

    Hi Which 65cc 2t are the most reliable?

    Hi Which 65cc 2t are the most reliable?
  3. V

    Help Yamaha pw80

    Hi I have a 2000 pw80 and I have no clue what is wrong with it I have replaced the Carbuerator, spark plug, and top end. It has good oil and good gas. When I kick it over it sounds like it wants to start but doesnt no matter how many times I kick.
  4. Tadjohnston

    Help 2001 Rm125 need assistance

    Riding on the road on the long weekend, sounded like the top end went. When you go to kick it over the kick start was hard as hell but still moved. Would not run though. Took off the head, on certain strokes of the kick starter you can push the piston down, on some not. Kick start still very...
  5. M

    K1 RM125 sounds bad.No idea why.

    It sounds like running rich, but the spark plug is nice brown, and i have just replaced my crank seals. My ignition is retarded a bit. Running on 95octane, not better with 100 octane. Premixing with motul710 1:40. The bike pulls great, but sounds bad for me. The bike was rebuilt and I ran...
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