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  1. Dirt Rider Mag

    Stark Future Varg First Look

    by: Mark Kariya Development of electric-powered dirt bikes has skewed toward models aimed at youth riders with barely a handful being full-size competition machines.Part of that has to be driven by economics as smaller bikes don’t require as much raw material. Part might be that kids aren’t...
  2. 05KX_250

    Fastest Motocross Bike In The World

    Here is more info on the Stark Varg, link to the official website. 80hp for $12,900 , delivers May 2023. $100 deposit.
  3. Okiewan

    VID DOOM! This electric bike thing is the end.

    We can't ignore the future of our sport and its battery powered. There wasn't a big 'ol smile on my face as I typed that. It's a when not if thing. My first reaction to this realization has been colored with my grumpy old-school mentality that will still engage in a heated 2T vs 4T rant from...
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