kawasaki kx125

  1. B

    1997 kx125 powervalves linkage

    I got a kx125 and it bogs right before the power band I took off the pipe and the power valves cover is missing and there isn’t a connection between the actuator rode and the power valve. Rod in wonder what I’m missing on my bike
  2. W

    Help Kx125 Oil Plug Bolt Size

    The head of my bolt is stripping I’d like to get a new bolt before taking it out
  3. zackbrappp44

    2001 kx125 brake problem.

    I cannot get my rear brakes to work right on my kx125. I got new pads installed them, bleed the brakes, and the pads still do not compress against the rotor tight enough and when they are semi compressed they don’t return so the brakes are always kinda engaged. I didn’t do anything special to...
  4. zackbrappp44

    2001 kx125 bogging on bottom end and surging on top

    I have a 2001 kx125 this is running what pro Circuit recommend for jetting (I have a platinum pipe), but the bike seems to run rich in the low rpms and then up top it seems to have sudden surges once in a wile when I do a pull. I don’t want to ride the bike if it is going to damage the motor...
  5. zackbrappp44

    2001 Kx125 jetting problem

    Hey guys, I just rebuilt the top and bottom end of my KX125 and need to re jet the bike. I repacked the exhaust, cleaned the pipe and my jetting specs are 45 pilot, 350 main, stock needle on 2nd pos, air screw 1.5 turns. The bike seems to bog down low and when I get it into the power band it...
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