1. B

    Short adult looking for a first dirt bike

    I seem to have reached the limit of my street bike's dirt road abilities and I need something more purpose built. I've always wanted a dirt bike, but I worry I'm too short to manage most of them. Looking for a learning tool. Something light. Not super high stakes, but challenging enough to teach...
  2. J

    Solved New rider needs help picking out a bike

    Hey there, I'm new to MX and need some help picking out a bike. I've gotten some really mixed feedback on what size bike to buy. some people have told me to go for a 450 because of my size, some people have told me to go with a 250 because I'm new. I'm a pretty big guy 6'4" 260lbs - 31 years...
  3. zackbrappp44

    2001 kx125 brake problem.

    I cannot get my rear brakes to work right on my kx125. I got new pads installed them, bleed the brakes, and the pads still do not compress against the rotor tight enough and when they are semi compressed they don’t return so the brakes are always kinda engaged. I didn’t do anything special to...
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