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    1975 MX125 Stator and Flywheel needed

    Hi first post here and looking for some help/advice. Does anyone know what models and years I could get a stator and flywheel from that would also fit this bike. Mine is totally rusted and no spark due to leaking water from the previous owner that leaked into it while it was stored in a barn...
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    Help Xr250r 2002 no spark

    Hey guys I was riding my xr and she made a crunching kind of sound and died on me now has no spark at all, was thinking the magneto or coils but not sure witch one or what ever was hoping someone could shed some light. Cheers in advance
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    CRF250R has Intermittent spark

    Hi, i have just rebuild my 2005 CRF250R. I got it all back together and now I have no spark. I didn’t mess with anything electrical during the rebuild so I’m confused why it doesn’t have any spark. I checked the stator, the ignition coil, spark plug and all grounds and connections,they were all...
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    1995 yz125 no spark

    I just got a 1995 yz125 and the guy said it needed a new stator. The sparks werent Continuous no i got a new stator and now i have no spark. I need help!!!
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