1. Okiewan

    GASGAS Factory Racing Takes 2 Podiums at Detroit SX

    photo credit: Align Media JUSTIN BARCIA AND PIERCE BROWN CLAIM A PAIR OF THIRDS AT ROUND 10 What a night in Detroit for the Troy Lee Designs/Red Bull/GASGAS Factory Racing Team! Full of carnage, chaos and most importantly, celebration, our riders fought through challenging conditions to each...
  2. Okiewan

    VID Daytona Supercross 2022 | Extended Highlights

  3. U

    The best looking bike in Supercross 2022?

    I vote for this one. Can we add a few more logos? Why yes, yes we can. Much respect to the mechanic of this one, it's cleaner than something rolling off the production line and looks set-up perfectly. I did spot one small area that was missed, did you see it...
  4. Blose's 2022 AJE Motul GasGas MC 250F

    Blose's 2022 AJE Motul GasGas MC 250F

    "Check out a inside look of Chris Blose's AJE Motorsports Motul GasGas MC 250F. Although this team does not have factory support, the AJE Motul machines are a promising package for their riders."
  5. 13FoxTrot

    Why Jason Anderson is so fast this year.

    The need to score some of dat bonus cash =)
  6. Okiewan

    Monster Energy SX 2022 | Minneapolis | Spoiler | Points

    Jett Lawrence & Jason Anderson on top, Tomac's lead shrinks Image: Supercross Live The 2022 Supercross series moved East to the frozen tundra of Minnesota for round 7 and our first look at the other half of the 250 Class. Favorites Jett Lawrence, Cameron McAdoo, Austin Forkner, Jeremy Martin...
  7. Dean Wilson A-3 Supercross. BIGGEST WHOOPS OF THE SEASON.

    Dean Wilson A-3 Supercross. BIGGEST WHOOPS OF THE SEASON.

    Supercross chaos at A-3. Follow along and watch my day.
  8. 450SX Triple Crown Highlights - Glendale 2022

    450SX Triple Crown Highlights - Glendale 2022

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  9. Okiewan

    VID Star Racing Yamaha Raw Practice

    RacerX Raw practice video: Monster Energy/Star Racing Yamaha's Eli Tomac, Dylan Ferrandis, Christian Craig, Nate Thrasher and (amateur) up-and-comer Haiden Deegan. Looks like Tomac is more comfortable on the YZ than the KX?
  10. Okiewan

    VID Yamaha Anaheim 2 Animated Track Map | 2022

    2022 Monter Energy Supercross Round 4, Anaheim 2, Angel Stadium
  11. Okiewan

    VID Adam Cianciarulo : Injury coming into '22 SX

    One of these years, Adam will experience some GOOD luck for a change.
  12. Okiewan

    News Justin Cooper - Out for 2022 Supercross?

    Photo: Align Media RacerX is reporting that Yamaha's Justin Cooper suffered a broken foot in a practice crash, that may end his entire 2022 campaign. To make matters worse, due to AMA rules, Cooper would have only this year of eligibility left in the 250SX class to defend his title before...
  13. Okiewan

    Marvin out of SX...

    Left knee surgery. One less to get in Kenny's way this season :) J/K, feeling it for Marvin. Knees suck. Get better soon Mr. Musquin !
  14. Okiewan

    GoPro: Adam Cianciarulo, 2019 Monster Energy Cup

    From 14th to 2nd ...
  15. Okiewan

    Moto Supercross of Paris : Provisional Entry Lists

    The Supercross of Paris ; November 9 & 10, 2019 - LA DÉFENSE ARENA 8 Rue des Sorins, 92000 Nanterre, France Sunday November 10 : 3:00 PM (local) International SX1 #1W DYLAN FERRANDIS – FRANCE – YAMAHA STAR RACING #3 NICOLAS AUBIN – FRANCE – SUZUKI OB1 BHIR #6 JEREMY MARTIN – USA – HONDA GEICO...
  16. Okiewan

    Best racing in Monster Cup History!

    Edge of your seat stuff! Looks like Team Green is STACKED! Good to see Malcolm back a faster than ever too.
  17. Okiewan

    RacerX's 2019 Supercross Preview ... Let's Race!

    Episode 1: The Favorites for 2019 2019 Monster Energy Supercross Schedule:

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