yamaha yz450f

  1. offroadgrandpa

    2010 YZ450F starting issues...any advice?

    Once my bike gets up and running (warm) anytime I turn it off and try to start it again it takes at least 5 minutes before it will fire up again...I sure wish there was an easier way to get this sucker started once it is warm...my 2006 YZ250F has the hot start and it fires up first kick every...
  2. K

    Help yamaha yz450f 2017,high idle ,failure

    Hello. This is a Yamaha yz450F 2017 motorcycle, 125 motorhour.The problem is that when the engine is hot,the coolant temperature reaches temperatures above 100 ° C , idle speed remains at 4000 rpm and does not decrease . But when I turn off the engine, I'll start again ,The idling speed is...
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