1. 2004 yz125 oil change

    Does anyone know how much fork oil I should put in my 2004 yamaha yz125? - I am a 130 pound rider.
  2. Can’t figure this out

    So a couple months back I bought a 02 yz125 too get back into riding again I have the bike for a couple days and one day when I’m riding I pull the clutch in and the bike stalls and when I go to kick it, it’s ceased. I got home took it all apart took the cylinder off and the top end was...
  3. 1995 yz125 no spark

    I just got a 1995 yz125 and the guy said it needed a new stator. The sparks werent Continuous no i got a new stator and now i have no spark. I need help!!!
  4. DavidR8

    Help Help a newbie

    Hi all , I’m thinking about getting into riding. I ride street now but rode a CRF150F a few weekends ago at a local MX track. I had a blast! I’m 5’9”, 170 lbs. I don’t know if I should be looking at a 125 2t or a 250 4t Pure MX or woods? I anticipate riding mostly track, not racing though...