1. R

    Reproduction 1984-1985 YZ125 Air Filter Cage

    Selling reproduction air filter cages for 1984-1985 Yamaha YZ125 part #39W1445800, 40CAD plus shipping. Orders can be placed through DM, Facebook page (Rose City Racing) or you can find it on ebay Tested to fit with filter and bike, high quality design, strong construction Thanks for reading
  2. Y

    Help Yz125 transmission issues

    I have an 03 yz125. in neutral and the bike is off when you roll the bike backwards the transmission locks up but it’s intermittent. It does the same rolling forward but it’s not as bad. I’ve taken the chain off and spun the drive gear and it still happens. it’s also not like it’s grabbing a...
  3. E

    2004 yz125 oil change

    Does anyone know how much fork oil I should put in my 2004 yamaha yz125? - I am a 130 pound rider.
  4. D

    Can’t figure this out

    So a couple months back I bought a 02 yz125 too get back into riding again I have the bike for a couple days and one day when I’m riding I pull the clutch in and the bike stalls and when I go to kick it, it’s ceased. I got home took it all apart took the cylinder off and the top end was...
  5. N

    1995 yz125 no spark

    I just got a 1995 yz125 and the guy said it needed a new stator. The sparks werent Continuous no i got a new stator and now i have no spark. I need help!!!
  6. DavidR8

    Help Help a newbie

    Hi all , I’m thinking about getting into riding. I ride street now but rode a CRF150F a few weekends ago at a local MX track. I had a blast! I’m 5’9”, 170 lbs. I don’t know if I should be looking at a 125 2t or a 250 4t Pure MX or woods? I anticipate riding mostly track, not racing though...
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