Help 1998 CR 125 excessively blowing white smoke

Apr 18, 2019
I have a 1998 CR125 I've had it for about a month I took it in to have the carb Rebuilt and there was a bolt on the power valve cover That was broke off inside the block So I had them replace that also While it was in the shop they called me and told me that there was something up with The power valves I told them to fix it. I got my bike back and took it for a ride and it just died. I checked the spark plug and it looked like it was fouled so I put another one in. The next day after work I went to start it and take it for a ride and when I got it started it was blowing An excessive amount of thick white smoke and is leaking oil from the tip of the exhaust And from where the exhaust mounts on To the motor. Any advice on What the problem is?