51mm CR80?


May 8, 2006
I bought a bike engine in parts. I got it put together, but I can't get it to start. The reeds are a little floppy, so I am getting them fixed. It makes 96lbs compression now, which is why I want to ring it. I love that it is 51mm, so as to get the displacement up as high as possible.

a. it has a 50.95mm piston in it with one ring
b. it has a Hot Rods connecting rod stamped 125 on the side of it
c. it seems to be 47mm ish stroke (which gives 96cc displacement)
d. it has had port work done on the intake side

My questions are
1. How can I tell what year this cylinder is?
2. Where can I buy 51mm piston/rings for it?
3. How can I tell what rod is in it.
4. Any chance this could be a much older (like 1980-1984) cylinder?

any advice someone can help with.


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