87 kdx200 Clutch spring torque settings.

Discussion in 'Canadian Daves JustKDX' started by kcamacho, Mar 21, 2012.

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    Hi guys.
    Great forum. Just picked up a 87 kdx200 to beat around the trails on. It hasn't been run in a while so I decided to do all of the standard cleanings.
    I am looking to buy an owners manual but I want to put the bike back together before I can get one shipped. If someone could let me know what the torque specs are for the screws that hold the plate on the spring that would be awesome. And if it's not too much trouble maybe the minimum spring length before they should be replaced.

    Thanks for all the knowledge in this forum. I've never taken a bike apart but every time I have a question I read some posts and get my answers.

    Can't wait to hit the trails. Lol
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