CRF250R has Intermittent spark

Jan 22, 2019
Hi, i have just rebuild my 2005 CRF250R. I got it all back together and now I have no spark. I didn’t mess with anything electrical during the rebuild so I’m confused why it doesn’t have any spark. I checked the stator, the ignition coil, spark plug and all grounds and connections,they were all Good but still nothing. I found tho when I unplug the wire from the cdi box that runs from the stator, it will click like it’s getting a little bit of power. When I turn it over I get spark for like 3-4 kicks, then nothing again. That’s if I even get spark at all. Please help if you know anything about this,or what it could be, thanks. update: I replaced the cdi box and that did nothing so I know it’s not that