DirtWeek 04 FAQ

Tony Eeds

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Jun 9, 2002
This post will be updated as more info becomes available. If you have update suggestions and/or questions, please post in this thread, we'll add it to the FAQ.

DirtWeek FAQ


Activities (Adult) - A final list will be developed during the spring and summer.

Activities (Children) - A final list will be developed during the spring and summer. At DirtWeek ‘03 there were numerous races and clinics focused towards the children present.

Address (Event) - Cooperland Raceway is located approximately 10 miles Southwest of Stillwater Oklahoma. The physical address is:

Cooperland Raceway
9908 W. 80th
Stillwater, Oklahoma 74074
Bus: (405) 743-8545
Latitude: 36.0290
Longitude: -97.1969

Alcohol - Operation of a motorized vehicle following the consumption of alcohol is prohibited. THERE IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY. If you ride after consuming, you are going home, no exceptions, no warnings.

Amenities - Toilets and Showers (warm) will be available on site.

Attendee - An attendee to DirtWeek is someone that is present but does not ride the tracks and trails, because of age or interest.

Asterisk - As the title sponsor for Dirtweeks past, Asterisk continues to be a supportive member of the DRN family. BillyWho will be fitting one lucky attendee with a set of Asterisk Braces at DirtWeek '04. Be one of the first 150 to sign up! Refer to the Announcements thread for additional information.


Bike Shops - The following is a list of the closest local bike shops:

Honda Of Stillwater
2607 E 6th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074-6576

Stillwater Kawasaki
601 S Lewis St
Stillwater, OK 74074-4028 USA
(405) 372-4500
(405) 372-4521 - Fax

Honda of Tulsa
4926 E 21st
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74114 USA
918-744-1356 - Fax

Stillwater Suzuki
601 S Lewis Street
Stillwater, OK, 74074-4028

Yamaha of Stillwater
416 E 9th Ave
Stillwater, OK 74074-4703
405-377-4951 - Fax


Camping Area - There is a camping area available for DirtWeek. There is no additional cost for use of this area.

Children - There were approximately 30 children of various ages present at DirtWeek ‘03.

Cost – The cost to attend DirtWeek is only limited by the imagination of the participant. Many people attend for little more than the cost of the food and gas necessary for the week, while others purchase many items and in some cases, new motorcycles for the event.

Cost for Registration - Refer to registration form.


Directions to Cooperland

  • From NE: From the car dealerships west of Stillwater on Hwy 51 – continue 6 1/2 miles further west to Coyle Rd, 5 miles south on Coyle to 80th Street, East on 80th for 1 1/2 miles and the track entrance will be on your left.
  • From NW: From I-35 take exit 174 and go 6 1/2 miles east on Hwy 51 to Coyle Rd, 5 miles south on Coyle to 80th Street, East on 80th for 1 1/2 miles and the track entrance will be on your left.
  • From SE: From intersection of Hwy 177 (Perkins Rd) and Hwy 33 (3 way stop) – go 8 miles west on Hwy 33 to Karsten Creek Rd, take Karsten 3 miles north to 80th St, go west on 80th for 3/10 of a mile and the track entrance will be on your right.
  • From SW: From I-35 take the second Guthrie exit – Hwy 33 east for 12 1/2 miles to Coyle Rd (the first road to your left after you cross the bridge), go north on Coyle Rd for 4 miles to 80th St, go east on 80th for 1 1/2 miles and the track entrance will be on your left.

Driving to DirtWeek - Centrally located in the United States, Oklahoma is primarily served by Interstate 35 (North-South) and Interstate 40 (East-West) in addition to an extensive turnpike system.

Dump Station - There is not currently a dump station on site. Lake Carl Blackwell is about a 10 minute drive to the north. The truck servicing porta potties at DirtWeek ‘03 serviced RVs for a nominal fee.


EMT - see medical assistance.

Events - see races.

Event Location - see location.


Flying In - The nearest major airport is in Oklahoma City approximately one hour to the south of Stillwater. Most major airlines and rental car agencies serve the OKC metro area. Additionally there are a few local OKC folks that have volunteered to shuttle participants to and from the airport.

Food Concessions - There was a food concession on site for DirtWeek ‘03 and it is anticipated that there will be one at DirtWeek ’04 as well. They open early serving breakfast and continue operation through mid afternoon with lunch, snacks, drinks and snow cones. Dinner/Supper is the responsibility of the individual groups.

Four Wheelers - see quads.

Fuel - There are no fuel concessions on-site. Participants are expected to provide all their own fuel required for motorcycle operation.


Generators - Generators for use in powering lighting and equipment are allowed. Please be considerate of those camping around you.

Glass - No glass bottles are allowed. This is a Cooperland Raceway rule and DRN shall abide by all rules established by Cooperland Raceway.

Goal - The goal of event staff, administrators and moderators of DirtRider.net is to provide a fun and safe environment of all participants and attendees. Please remain aware of everyone around you throughout your participation.

GPS - The GPS coordinates listed below will get you to within eyesight of the Cooperland Driveway.
Latitude: 36.0290
Longitude: -97.1969
Use them at your own risk. No warrantee is implied and/or provided! :debil:



Ice - Ice was generally delivered nightly by the concession operators. Additionally, ice may be purchased in town.

Information - For information about DirtWeek, check out the DirtWeek website.



KTM - KTM will be on site with information and demo bikes for your perusal. Bring your checkbooks and join the orange tidal wave of bikes.


Location - DirtWeek ‘04 will be held at Cooperland Raceway.


Medical Assistance - There is no on-site medical assistance during the course of events at DirtWeek. The Stillwater Medical Center’s Emergency Room is approximately a 15 minute drive. Ambulances can be summoned to the site if required.

Motels - Most budget chains are represented in Stillwater. They are approximately a 15 minute drive away. Reservations should be made as early as practical, as Stillwater is the home of the Oklahoma State University Cowboys and they may have a football game on one of the DirtWeek weekends. Refer to the Motel Information thread for additional information.

MSR - MSR (Title Sponsor) for DirtWeek 2004 will be present with many items of interest. Refer to the Announcement thread for additional information.


Numbers (Bikes) - There is a location on the registration form for proposed bike numbers.



Parts - Parts were available on site during DirtWeek ‘03 and it is anticipated that they will be available again in DirtWeek ‘04. The selection was limited primarily to consumable items and parts prone to breakage. Charge cards could be utilized. Elk will provide assistance with Tidy Cat modifications.

Participant - A participant is someone that rides the tracks and trails available during DirtWeek ‘04.

Pets - Keep all pets leashed while at DirtWeek '04.

Photography (Commemorative) - DRN Paparazzi will be out in force this year and a CD set of all photographs will be available. Watch for separate signup thread. This will be a not to miss opportunity to have your photo of all the VFFP expected at DirtWeek!

Photography (General) - Participant photography is encouraged throughout the event.

Photography (Professional) - Professional photography is not anticipated at this time, except for the group photo/poster shot.

Pit Racing - Pit Racing will not be allowed or tolerated. 1st gear only in pit areas. Participants will be warned once and then they will have to collect their bikes from event staff. Children and their bikes will be confiscated and turned over to gospeedracer, to whom all parents will answer before retrieval of children :)

Posters (commemorative) - A commemorative poster of all participants will most likely be produced following DirtWeek ‘04. The poster commemorating DirtWeek ‘03 is a prized possession of those who purchased a copy. Watch for a separate sign-up thread for all commemorative items.

Power - Power in the pit and camping area was not available during DirtWeek ‘03 except that provided by personal generators.

Prizes - There were daily prize giveaways, in addition to raffles and grand prizes. They are anticipated again, although they have yet to be determined.


Quads - DirtRider.Net is a web based motorcycle interest group, therefore quads are permitted in the pit area and areas surrounding the track only. None are permitted on the trails or track except for maintenance or rider injury.


Races (Track) - Classes will be determined upon registration. Race classes at DirtWeek 03 were as follows:
Big Kids on Little Bikes
Bikes with Lights
Men’s Classes
Pro and A Class
B Class
C Class
Women’s Classes
A Class
B Class

Races (Trails) - Races held during DirtWeek 03 were as follows:
Poker Run
Night Time Poker Run
Team Harescramble

Racing Fuels - Attendees should plan on bringing the racing fuels necessary for operation of their motorcycles.

Registration - All fees and release forms for participants and attendees will be required to be postmarked on or before September 01, 2004, in order that event personnel may enjoy their time at DirtWeek as well. Registration and appropriate release forms are required for all persons participating and/or attending DirtWeek.

Registration Deadline - All complete entries must be postmarked on or before September 01. A complete entry is defined as all release forms and fees.

Registration Form - An on-line registration form will be made available once the final costs are determined. Refer to the Registration thread for additional and updated information. Refer to the official DirtWeek site for additional information.

Registration On-Site - All participants are required to register at the Activities Tent upon arrival at DirtWeek for all races. There will be no on-site registration for the event.

Riders Meetings - Riders Meetings will be held daily and all participants are expected to attend, assuming they wish to ride that day.


Safety - The safety of the participants is paramount, therefore there will be no latitude for violations of safety rules established for the event.

Safety Apparel - All participants are required to wear safety gear when riding a motorized vehicle. Anyone caught with inappropriate safety gear will be warned. Repeated violations will result in removal from the premises. If you you are on a motorized vehicle, you will be wearing a helmet. Zero exceptions. No, we don't require you to wear a helmet in your car. Additional safety gear is at the express discretion of the individual participant. Motorcycles can be inherently dangerous and all participants should plan accordingly.

Shopping - Stillwater has the usual cadre of stores, including Wal-Mart.

Showers - Showers (2) were available at DirtWeek ‘03, thanks to the efforts of BSWIFT and myself. There will be showers available at DirtWeek ‘04. The cost for showers is a $2.00 to cover the cost of building and maintaining the showers.

Sponsors - The sponsor lineup is being finalized for DirtWeek ‘04. This listing will be posted once sponsors are identified. Please purchase your gear from these firms and individuals and thank them for their support. There will be a series of drawings for gear provided by sponsors. Please watch for separate announcements regards drawings. Refer to the Sponsor thread for the entire list.

For the record ... I received thank you responses from 100% of the sponsors last year as a follow up to my thank you notes to them. They all appreciate hearing from us.


T-Shirts (commemorative) - Commemorative T-Shirts for DirtWeek ‘03 were available and it is anticipated that they will be available for DirtWeek ‘04 as well. Watch for a separate sign-up thread.

Tracks - There are currently two MX tracks for participants use on site, a smaller scale track for children and a full size adult track.

Trails - There are many miles of trails available on-site for use during the week.

Travel Trailers - There is primitive space available for parking travel trailers. There are no power or dump connections available. There is a separate thread providing information about renting travel trailers for the duration of the event.


Ungoers new word coined by Okie to cover us poor lost souls who are unable to attend for a variety of reasons :(


Vendors - There was a food vendor and parts vendor present at DirtWeek last year. It is anticipated that they will be present again this year.


Water - Water is available, although participants are encouraged to bring their own as the source available is a private well and needs to remain available for the owner of the facility.

Weather – Seasonal weather in late September and early October with temperatures being 45~55 at night and 65~75 during the day. It was hot and dry at DirtWeek ‘02 and cool and wet at DirtWeek ‘03. Come prepared or be ready to go to Wal-Mart.

Website - DirtWeek



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Jan 8, 2000
Tony Eeds said:
Children and their bikes will be confiscated and turned over to GoSpeedRacer, to whom all parents will answer before retrevial of children.
So much for the friendly atmosphere for children :rotfl:

Tony Eeds

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Jun 9, 2002
Okiewan said:
Good stuff Tony, thanks a LOT for the effort.
Glad to help out where I can.

Nobody has asked any questions as yet, so it is either really complete (I doubt it) or DW is still far enough away that folks haven't focused on it yet.

For myself, I am already musing on where the tent, Camp Tejas, the showers, etc. goes, what we eat etc. Gimmy about a week to collect stuff and I am ready to hit the road north!

I just told my son he has to come up the weekend before and help me set up. ;)

The tent I got from junkjeeps is 16x35 and will easily sleep anybody that wants a roof over their head. They suggest 4~6 people to raise it!


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Apr 9, 2002
I have a question about the water. We normally carry a 50 gallon drum for the powerwasher in our trailer. I would obviously like to leave this empty to reduce the trailer weight for such a long journey. I am not too concerned about water to wash the bikes as there is a bike wash available if I recall correctly from previous posts. I am more concerned with refilling the fresh water tank in the RV as the week progresses. Would it be acceptable to tap into the water source for some water or should I fill up the powerwasher barrel and drag it along?

Tony Eeds

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N. Texas SP
Jun 9, 2002

Don't worry about filling the tank. I have a 300 gallon tank I am bringing to use to fill the shower. We can use it to get water for RVs as well.


Always Broken
Dec 26, 1999
We are also wonderring where we can fill our fresh water tank when we first arrive. Does the state Park down the road have that facility for non campers at the park?
We would rather not haul 100 gallons 8oo miles

Also will the portajohn guy be pumping RV holding tanks again this year. It is well worth $10 not to hookup and leave the track just to dispose of the pooo :yikes:
Dec 31, 1969
Yes about the water, you can fill-up at Blackwell.
About the guys pumping RV's, that's the plan again this year as well.


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Jan 8, 2000
Last year we got our fresh water from the camping facility. There is a water hose by the new toilet/shower building.


May 4, 2004
I don't see "Altitude" on the list. According to the Oklahoma State website, Stillwater is at 890ft. That sound right? YZ165