Help I need help asap

Jul 11, 2020
Hey I'm 14. I own a ssr 70cc 4stroke. I recently have had some problems with starting it. Just a couple days ago I started it and it ran just fine for a couple min and then it just died. I tried to start it again but it started backfiring and woulent start again. Someone please help, I have no idea how to fix
Jul 15, 2020
Graham washington
You could drain the gas tank, clean the carb and put fresh fuel and a new fuel filter on and give it another try.
It could of been a plugged up carb.
Some of the Jets and ports are real tiny in the carb and real easy to plug up, after you clean it and blow air through the ports and fuel/ air passages and all the tiny holes you can see it should run better. Cant hurt to try a clean carb.
You can do it, take your time, take pictures of what goes where then look at the pictures to put it back if you forget.
I would check the valve clearance like pete suggested as well.
It started fine and ran for a few minutes so something changed as it was running and warmed up.
Youtube should have a video on how to set valves on a 4stroke. They are pretty much the same.
I would start with fuel and air then check spark and compression.
A clean airfilter means a clean engine that can breathe good.
If the bike sounds like it wants to start or backfires chances are it has spark. You can take the spark plug out then plug the spark plug wire onto the spark plug and set the spark plug near a piece of metal on the bike and kick it over to see if you can see any spark. Be sure not to touch the spark plug while kicking... It is a sharp stabbing shock as the electricity zaps you if you do touch it lol
Keep us posted on your progress.
The weather is nice, you need to be on a bike having fun.