Kx100 Clutch problem

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    I have a 2006 kx100. I fill up the transmission oil (using Honda gn4 10w40, and fill it half way up the window) and go for a ride, then stop and the oil has drained below the window. I have no idea where it's going, it's almost disappearing. Also, once the bike gets warmed up, it stalls when I pull the clutch in and put it in first gear. I don't know if this is from lack of lubrication from the oil loss? It's just weird because I've cleaned the case and everything and then checked for leaks afterwards and there aren't any. I just put a new top end in and don't feel like having clutch problems, any ideas?


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    The oil goes onto the parts and that is why it isn't the peep hole after it has ran. Let it sit and it should settle back down into the case and fill back in line with the window. That is unless it is leaking out somewhere.

    As for the stalling that could be a few things but 2-strokes aren't meant to idle so if it is low and you aren't keeping revs up slightly (not revving to the moon) then it will die out. However, if you are giving it proper revs then it may just need a clutch adjustment b/c the clutch is not engaging properly. This may simply be remedied by adjusting the cable.

    It could be a slight jetting issue depending on how it is idling.

    Of course, this is assuming all else is working properly. Your manual can give you the right adjustments for the clutch cable adjustments and how to adjust the jetting.

    Good luck
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