Newbie here I don't understand please help

Dec 11, 2017
Hi I'm looking for some input. Last year I bought my son a offbrand 110cc dirt bike semi automatic He rode the tar out of that thing. I wanted to make sure that he was going to stick with it before I dumped a shit ton of money into a quality dirtbike now for Christmas this year he's ask for a better dirtbike I'm looking at many different ones and I've found several used whichbis what im going to have to go with atm but I just don't understand what The differences between all these different dirt bikes such as Honda Suzuki Kawasaki and so forth. I understand the 4 and 2 stroke and I believe I'm clear on the difference between the 100, 125 , 250 & 400... Ihowever what im confused about is what the heck does the letters at the end mean for example see some listed as 100R, 125ttr, 85cr And so on I'm not clear on what all those letters mean. Ive googled but yet to find an answer so hopefully someone here can help me out. Sorry im a momma tryin to keep this crazy rambunctious kid happy and it is making me a bit uptight lol
Dec 31, 1969
Dallas, Texas
A "R" on the end doesn't necessarily mean anything ... other than marketing fluff .Without knowing what he's "rode the tar out of", his age, size (height/weight) you won't get any recommendations on how to move forward. Supply that info and we can help you out.
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