S.C. Pee Dee Trax

Mar 4, 2005
Just wanted to list some trax in the lower S.C. area. What we call the " Pee Dee" region.

Lake City, S.C. - Local guys built a small and very technical track. Small doubles mid-size table top and lots and lots of turns. We formed a membership to keep up the track. Riding is free but you need to call e-mail me and let me kno when you woul like to come. You have to go with a member.

Conway, S.C. - There is a great track located outside of Conway on HWY 905. Members only!! Membership is $100 / year with a $10 / per ride fee (15 ride cap on this) so its like 250 per year to ride all you want. Track is open everyday except for Sunday morning (church time). Motocross style track with wide open spaces and lots of jumps. Also has a jumping practice area.

Bishopville, S.C. - Big track with huge stuff. Triples / doubles / whoops / tabletops. Track is only open on the weekends. Saturday for practice and Sunday for races.