Suzuki RMX250 Modification Question

Jun 10, 2014
Hey riders,

My name is Lance and I am pretty much a complete novice to riding. I purchased a Suzuki RMZ 250 to learn on, and It's actually a bit taller at the seat height than I anticipated (bike was kind of a fixer upper and had a flat when I bought it so I couldn't really tell how tall it was) and I was wondering if it was even possible to get it lowered? Any help you guys could give would be awesome. Thanks!


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I'll move this to the correct forum.

How tall are you? You do realize modern motocross bikes ARE tall ? A lot of riders of "challenged height" can't barely touch, or touch on one side. If your are really short and just can't get on the bike, yes there are ways to lower it, but not just with some parts you change out. It's expensive to do correctly.

So, do you think it's too tall because you cant sit on it flat-footed on both sides? You sure it's not a case of just getting used to it?

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