1. Redrider123463

    Help CR125 w/ PWK 38 mid range bog when opening throttle quick

    Just swapped my old mikuni out for a pwk38 airstryker. Bike idles perfect and makes great power up top. In the middle of the rev range it bogs out if you twist the throttle wide open and if you hold it long enough it dies. If you slowly rev it out it doesn’t do it. More noticeable in neutral...
  2. K

    CR125 low power and stutter

    I have a 2002 that has very low power , just freshly broken in (properly ) with a oem piston, rings , and jug... The jetting should be spot on the only other thing that could be affecting it would be some fraying on the wiring harness. The wire is connect by about 6-7 strands...Not sure if that...
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