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CR125 low power and stutter

Jun 25, 2019
I have a 2002 that has very low power , just freshly broken in (properly ) with a oem piston, rings , and jug... The jetting should be spot on the only other thing that could be affecting it would be some fraying on the wiring harness. The wire is connect by about 6-7 strands...Not sure if that could be a problem I have strong blue spark, with a new plug. Please refer to video , video is a pull from 1st to 4th and WOT. There is a little rip in the wiring harness not sure if that could be the cause the wire is frayed . The jetting is a 42.5 pilot with a 390 main and the needle on the 2 clip from the top
(the bike has around as much power as a 85) ANY HELP IS APRECIATED
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